MosoLabs Launches Trellis: Secure Video Monitoring for Smart Property

MosoLabs, a provider of world-class wireless products for both decentralized, blockchain-powered networks and private networks, has announced the launch of Trellis. This innovative and secure video monitoring solution features advanced video AI analytics, real-time view, and video event recording, and is available now.

Introducing Trellis: The Revolutionary Video Monitoring Solution for Property Managers

Trellis offers property managers a state-of-the-art video monitoring solution that integrates seamlessly with the Helium 5G network, and is both secure and cost-effective. With the Moso Leaf camera and doorbell, this solution is straightforward and easy to use, and allows property managers to deploy and manage their own Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) network, gain insights into their facility’s security and equipment effectiveness, and save up to 95% on wiring installation costs for their buildings.

How MosoLabs is Changing the Game with CBRS LTE Solutions and the Helium Network

MosoLabs has long been focused on offering exceptional hardware and software products that empower people to build and use open, decentralized wireless networks. With the launch of Trellis, the company takes this mission to the next level, delivering a much-needed video monitoring solution for property managers that is both secure and cost-effective. By incorporating CBRS LTE solutions and the Helium Network, Mosolabs is pioneering new and better ways of building wireless networks.

Trellis and the Moso Leaf Camera: Driving Cost-Effective and Secure Wireless Connectivity

With the Trellis-compatible camera and doorbell, along with 24 months of cloud storage and 20GB of Helium 5G data included, property managers will have all the wireless connectivity they need to deploy and manage their own CBRS networks. With its longer range and increased security, compared to WiFi alternatives, and its simple deployment and minimized initial costs, the Trellis solution is unmatched in the industry.

Through the launch of Trellis, MosoLabs continues to demonstrate its commitment to community-driven wireless networks and its ability to offer trusted and innovative solutions that enable anyone to build and use open, decentralized wireless networks. With the Helium Network and CBRS LTE solutions increasing the range, security, and simplicity of wireless networks, businesses and property managers everywhere can be confident that they are deploying the best and most cost-effective solutions.

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