VIVOTEK’s Smart Surveillance Transforms Japanese Logistics

Japan’s leading logistics company has teamed up with Taiwanese technology giant, VIVOTEK, to introduce a state-of-the-art surveillance system across its network of warehouses. The high-performance system harnesses VIVOTEK’s cutting-edge technology to monitor operations centrally from their Kyoto head office.

VIVOTEK Overcomes Logistics Challenges

With the boom in ecommerce, the logistics industry has seen a surge in cargo quantities. However, the industry has also been grappling with the issue of manpower shortages. The key aim of the VIVOTEK surveillance system is to strengthen efficiency through significant improvements in centralized monitoring and unified warehouse management. A unique feature of the new system is its capacity to provide comprehensive coverage of large-scale sites with minimal use of cameras, consequently reducing costs.

An Insight into the VIVOTEK Surveillance Solution

VIVOTEK’s solution includes partnership with Takebishi Corporation to implement an integrated security surveillance system through VAST 2, VIVOTEK’s proprietary VMS. The surveillance system is equipped with 105 FE9380-HV cameras to provide 360-degree coverage of warehouse operations, and 14 IB9368-HT bullet network cameras for perimeter coverage. The system also features three units of NVR NS9521, equipped with VAST 2 for centralized recording and management.

The Impact and Feedback from the Surveillance System

The implementation of VIVOTEK’s system has effectively enabled remote monitoring of all sites from the Kyoto office, reduced the number of cameras by half, and ensured complete coverage of the warehouses. The large logistic company commended VIVOTEK for its tailored solutions, cost-effective strategy, and its commitment to safety protocols.

To summarize, the introduction of the VIVOTEK surveillance system has enabled Japan’s leading logistics company to streamline its operations, improve security, and overcome manpower challenges. The advanced technology has paved the way for more efficient, future-ready, and robust logistics operations, further validating VIVOTEK’s standing as a trusted provider of surveillance solutions.

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