Typewise and ETH Zurich collaborate to develop advanced AI text prediction technology

Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company. It has announced a new collaboration with Professor Ryan Cotterell of ETH Zurich. He is a professor at ETH Zurich’s Department of Computer Science.

About Typewise

Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company. It strives to make daily lives easier by ‘decoding human thoughts’. They build advanced, privacy-focused, text prediction AI. Its purpose is to increase typing speed, reduce errors, and improve the quality of text composition. Ultimately this will boost the productivity of businesses and individuals.

The company offers its text prediction technology for customer service and sales teams. Furthermore, it can be used as an API for developers and a next-generation keyboard app for iOS and Android. The app has been downloaded 2 million times and was also the winner of a CES Innovation Award 2022 and 2021.

unnamed Typewise and ETH Zurich collaborate to develop advanced AI text prediction technology

How will the partnership with ETH Zurich better the existing tech?

The partnership will revolve around AI text prediction technology. The research will concentrate on advanced sentence prediction, enterprise customization, grammar assistance, and voice support. Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse will fund the research. It is part of the ‘Future of Mobile Interaction’ project.  

Our collaboration allows us to work with one of the world’s most advanced centres for this type of AI which is helping us build a world class product. We are very excited about this new partnership especially as our previous work with ETH led to us creating text prediction AI which outperforms that of Google’s and Apple’s, which we filed a patent for in January 2022. We believe this latest partnership will generate further significant advancements in this area.

Janis Berneker, Typewise CTO and Co-founder

Previous partnerships

Previously, Typewise collaborated with the ETH professorship for computer science of Thomas Hofmann. His research expertise includes machine learning, deep learning, and natural language understanding. The work assisted the development of Typewise’s AI text prediction engine. Furthermore, this engine now powers Typewise’s AI Writing Assistant, its API, and its keyboard app. The partnership led to two ETH AI researchers – George Roberts PhD, and Luca Campanella – joining Typewise as full-time employees to lead the company’s AI team.

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