Xi’an Emerges as Vibrant Hub for the Digital Silk Road

In what marks a significant leap to boost digital connectivity, the WIC Digital Silk Road Development Forum plans to establish Xi’an as a hub for the Digital Silk Road. Highlighting cooperation and shared prosperity, the international event aims to enhance digital infrastructure and economic development, ultimately bridging the digital divide.

The Rise of Xi’an as a Digital Silk Road Hub

Ren Xianliang, secretary-general of the WIC, underscored that Xi’an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, is poised to become an important node connecting the East and the West. The China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone has already seen trade partners from more than 200 countries, further establishing itself as an essential hub for cross-border e-commerce. In this light, the WIC has chosen Xi’an to host the forum, aiming to promote the Silk Road spirit of peace, cooperation, openness, inclusiveness, and mutual benefit.

Role of WIC in Promoting Digital Connectivity

The WIC is playing a central role in organizing the forum as its first thematic event with a focus on the Digital Silk Road. Built around the theme “Connectivity and Shared Prosperity”, the forum’s discussions will revolve around topics such as digital connectivity when building the Silk Road, Silk Road E-commerce International Cooperation, and Digital Villages and Sustainable Development. The forum is set to serve as an international platform for countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative to enhance infrastructure, develop the digital economy, and narrow the digital divide.

Creating Prosperity through the Digital Silk Road

High-level representatives from international organizations, governments, major enterprises, and industry associations are confirmed to attend the forum. Together, they will focus on enabling digital infrastructure and capacity building, fostering digital cultural exchanges, promoting cooperation in cross-border e-commerce, empowering agricultural production with digital technology, and improving rural governance. The WIC Working Group on Cross-Border E-commerce also plans to unveil a report of practice cases to share practical experience for the innovative development of the industry.

With the forum’s focus and the active role of key players like WIC, Xi’an is set to strengthen its position in digital connectivity. As the world paves the way for the Digital Silk Road, the spirit of the ancient Silk Road lives on in the pursuit of improving infrastructure, developing the digital economy, and finally, bridging the digital gap.

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