Xtend Unveils AI-Powered Retargeting Engine in Singapore

Xtend, a provider of futuristic marketing technologies, has launched a world-class AI first retargeting engine and opened its global headquarters in Singapore.

Xtend launches world-class AI retargeting engine

Xtend’s innovative technology is built on a large-scale AI model, enabling the company to provide an algorithm that predicts user engagement based on typical user profiles, instead of usual marketing funnels. The new AI-driven technology helps businesses find the right signal amidst the noise, making mobile marketing more effective.

On April 20, Xtend hosted an event for its top existing ecommerce partners, including Tokopedia and Lazada, to provide a preview of its new AI model. At the event, the company showcased its dynamic team of industry stalwarts who will be supporting these companies to reach, convert and re-engage their users. Through an open discussion between key industry leaders, XVend provided insight on how to serve users with meaningful communications in the absence of cookies and app user IDs, which are expected to be deprecated by 2024.

How Xtend’s AI model predicts user engagement

Xtend’s AI model anticipates a user’s next preferred engagement with a brand, whether via discovery, product comparisons, or a flash deal, by creating a uniquely tailored user scenario. The innovative model also incorporates large sections of owned and operated contextual ecommerce inventory, tagged as “SHOPit,” which creates a more native environment for users to interact with ecommerce offers outside of their core platforms.

The SHOPit is a platform-agnostic plug solution, allowing Xtend to accurately pinpoint lapses in the user journey and effectively help businesses retarget using customised AI Generated Content (AIGC) native creations.

Xtend’s SHOPit creates native environment for ecommerce offers

Xtend’s SHOPit technology, a branch of SHAREit Group, helps companies and marketers retarget their app users by providing a one-stop shop for them to run campaigns delivering the most effective ROI inside and outside of SHAREit’s ecosystem as required. Xtend currently supports platforms like Tokopedia, Lazada, and more to monetize their underutilized assets in an effective and cost-efficient manner. 

Commenting on the launch, Karam Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer at Xtend, said: “Every part of our engine and workflow is heavily integrated with AI, bringing efficiencies onto the table. We are excited to debut amid a new AI generation, given every part of our engine and workflow is heavily integrated with AI, bringing efficiencies onto the table.”


Xtend’s innovative technology promises to revolutionize the way that businesses run mobile marketing campaigns. By taking a more user-centric approach, the company anticipates the engagement and preferences of users and creates a more native experience for them using the SHOPit technology. With a team of industry stalwarts experienced in AI and ad tech, Xtend brings a wealth of experience to the table and is gradually rolling out its technology across Asia, EMEA, CIS, LatAm, and the U.S. across Q2 and Q3 2023.

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