Antzer Tech Launches Game-changing CAN FD Solution for Smart Logistics

Innodisk Corporation’s subsidiary, Antzer Tech, has addressed the limitations of traditional telematics by introducing its latest solution – the Controller Area Network with Flexible Data-rate (CAN FD). This solution increases data transmission speed and offers excellent performance for unmanned transformation systems in logistics and smart manufacturing.

Antzer Tech introduces solutions to increase data transmission speed

The new CAN FD solution addresses the problem of data latency and limited data transmission capacities. The solution offers eight times better data payload capacity compared to the traditional Controller Area Network (CANbus) network. This technology takes telematics systems to the next level by collecting multiple system data, including power management, radar sensing, cameras, and GPS non-stop.

CAN FD Series addresses pain points in self-driving and logistics

As Innodisk’s subsidiary, Antzer Tech understands customers’ pain points under their smart transformation. The Antzer Tech FD Series provides a high-efficiency, safe, and flexible option to dominate self-driving cars and smart logistics fields. The GADN-FD7L0 and FARO-FD700 solutions offer a high-speed and excellent performance and CAN standard compatibility for a painless smart upgrade. Additionally, the CAN FD solution meets the industry-level wide-temperature standard and features GNSS and UDR/ADR functions to provide accurate positioning in tunnels, mountains, or other environments with unstable signals. This feature increases transportation safety and optimizes management as a strong backing force for unmanned telematics systems.

High-speed and CAN standard compatibility offered by GADN-FD7L0 and FARO-FD700

The Antzer Tech CAN FD solution introduces high fault tolerance and debugging capabilities to enhance data reliability. This feature is perfect for Smart Factory or Smart Logistics areas, as higher data throughput and processing speeds are vital in these fields. Additionally, the GADN-FD7L0 and FARO-FD700 solutions offer CAN standard compatibility, making it backward-compatible with existing CAN network systems. Furthermore, the acceptance of this new solution by customers means a faster transition to next-generation hardware and software, providing more advanced features for autonomous driving vehicles, and further innovation in smart logistics fields.

In conclusion, Innodisk’s subsidiary, Antzer Tech, has introduced the new CAN FD solution to increase data transmission speed and an eight-time better data payload capacity compared to the traditional CANbus network. Additionally, the new CAN FD solution aligns with safety requirements, complies with industry-level wide-temperature standards, and features GNSS and UDR/ADR functions to offer accurate positioning in unstable signal environments. The FARO-FD700 and GADN-FD7L0 are officially launched and backward-compatible with existing CAN network systems, providing more advanced features for autonomous driving vehicles and smart logistics.


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