How Amazon is supporting small businesses on Prime day

Amazon is a vast e-commerce platform that has helped several businesses grow and flourish; platforms like these often host virtual events and seminars that benefit the corporation of all sorts. 

Just like this, Amazon has also hosted the same kind of event known as prime day, and it has fitted small businesses and corporations in several ways; we are going to inform you about how Amazon is supporting small businesses on an excellent day. 

But first, let’s get to the basics. 

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

A prime day is an event that happens once a year for two consecutive days if, if you are a premium member on Amazon, congratulations; this is the day you can shop till you drop. 

Amazon prime day is all about sales, discounts, and not just that; Prime members get free delivery; it can’t get much better than this, right? 

The fun doesn’t stop here, folks; you also get exclusive and unlimited access to music, Amazon kindle, and much more. 

Can only prime members benefit from prime day? 

If we think about it, it’s not just the members and customers benefiting from this day because ultimately, there is going to be a load of sales, so the business is in profit too. 

2 2 How Amazon is supporting small businesses on Prime day

But which business? 

How prime day affects businesses?

You see, large corporations don’t get affected by prime day much because they have their sales up and running most of the time, with the sale and discount added, they don’t get much out of the whole prime day thing. 

But on the other hand, small businesses are affected drastically. How? Let us tell you. 

  • Small businesses don’t keep much profit; they are mostly small scale or run by a single person or a group of people; even with the sale, they make a significant profit. 
  • Also, mostly the small businesses are local within the community; the free delivery waver might sound appealing to you and a bummer for large companies. Still, it doesn’t make much difference for a local business. 
  • Not to forget that new businesses or corporations need exposure to transform them into a large organization, finding the right platform is very crucial for this process, and what is better than a prime day? A single product sold and an available positive review could boost up their sales dramatically, giving them natural advertising. 
  • Did we mention the support Amazon gives? Amazon has a policy that if you shop from a small business before the prime day, you get a $10 waiver or discount on a prime day in the small business section. 

Final verdict

This initiative by Amazon shows how the platform is working to motivate small businesses to grow; the prime day is a perfect example of how any corporation with the right ideas can develop tactics that would benefit both the platform and the people using it. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a small business, then this is the right time to sign up as prime day is just around the corner.


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