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Argosdyne Presents new Drones that know No Boundaries – 1 hour of Unmanned flight

Dedicated to the needs of customers across a multitude of sectors, the engineers of Argosdyne, under the lead of CEO Jeong Seung-Ho, are developing drones that can perform any new tasks demanded – And do it autonomously. Argosdyne attended the Korea – US Startup Summit held on Tuesday September the 20th to Wednesday the 21st in Pier 17 in New York, USA.

Argosdyne makes lightweight drones, that work anywhere

Argosdyne, established in 2018, is a company that provides automatic management solutions for autonomous vehicles by means of their operation system platforms. Most manpower is dedicated to research, collaborative development and production of unmanned drones, automatic charging stations and corresponding control software.

Currently, 5G based drones are in development with Naver Cloud, and the autonomous management system plays a significant role in multiple areas such as fire monitoring, management of construction sites, surveillance, and highway control.

The drones are light at around 2 kilograms, with a small battery of 500mmx450mm and come equipped with multiple kinds of automatic charging stations such as the stationary CUNA, the mobile ROVER and the movable PORTUS, or customized with a camera that customers can select from a range offered.
The maximum flight time is at approximately an hour, during which the drones perform precise, dual GPS based navigation with remarkable location accuracy.

If in some cases the GPS is unstable, due to overhead structures such as tunnels or bridges for instance, the drones are capable to perform inspections regardless, as well as detail cracks in exterior walls.
Following the flight, the drones can either precisely land in the stationary automatic charging station CUNA using the IR sensor, or be transported into any environment using the ROVER, moving across land.

According to spokespeople from Argosdyne, the demand for the drones has ranged across multiple industrial sectors, as well as the government, agencies, public institutions, and the military. The company has signed contracts accordingly with the Korean Forest service, military combat training, National Forest Seed and Variety Center, Hyundai Engineering and Samsung Electronics, promising development solutions reflecting customers’ needs through any desired customizations.

Future plans also include advancing in the fields of site control and safety surveillance in new environments and drones being able to attend to new tasks. These could include drone management systems in new sectors such as factory and wildfire monitoring, steelworks- and shipyard management as well as structural inspections, and open new business avenues for Argosdyne.

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