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FutureMain introduces automatic prediction software, diagnoses machine defects with 98,3% accuracy

FutureMain simplifies complex analysis of machine faults by introducing an automatic prediction software that notifies engineers about issues and defects instantly. The company attended the Korea-US Startup Summit held at Pier 17, New York, United States from Tuesday September 20th to Wednesday the 21st.

Facility management simplified

As a global engineering and IT company which specializes on facility diagnosis and evaluation technology, FutureMain aims to create a safer, more productive future for facility management. Facilities are monitored in real time, so that any machine defects detected can be diagnosed and solved immediately. The key to the efficient detection is the ICT technology, which is supported by noise and vibration data collected over 36 years in an analysis of machine facilities.

This new approach could facilitate management for internal personnel, without the need for external experts on artificial intelligence or big data and its evaluation. The 85 most common defects in key elements of factory facilities can be detected with just one click – By securing data on normal as well as faulty bearings, gears, pumps, belts and fans, and diagnosing the issues by means of unbalance, resonance and bearing defect. This large amount of data is hard to obtain and apply in this manner, even for global companies. FutureMain includes these key figures in an easily applicable tool, that requires no expert approach.

This automatized solution for maintenance, or ExRBM (Expert Reliablity based Maintenance Solution) find application in several sectors such as power plants, heavy industry, battery plants and the like. The operation of these types of facilities can be damaged severely by shut-downs, especially when there are no spare facilities.

This becomes even more vital for early detection and aversion, ensuring efficient maintenance and seamless management, a key factor for successful production.
Additionally, the ExRBM Lite version is useful for SaaS-type services, as it can synchronize with Cloud Servers, and act as a useful tool in industries such as logistics, automobile production, food, cosmetics and the like of manufacturing companies.

The ExRBM Portable+ on the other hand is a beneficial tool for collecting data from multiple smaller and medium-sized facilities, at a reduced cost comparatively. In effect, FutureMain is able to provide any manufacturer the chance to transform their facility into a smart factory with a variety of digital solutions and innovations.

The brilliance of the service is the simplicity of it: According to Sun-hwi Lee, founder and CEO of FutureMain, in the past data of this scale would need to be compiled into hundreds of graphs over the course of a singular week, which would need to be evaluated one by one by experts. By automating the diagnosis, the manpower needed is significantly reduced. So after attaching sensors to the machines, messages of cause and effect are communicated to engineers rather than abstract graphs open for interpretation. This significantly increases productivity and the workflow in order to secure competitiveness.

FutureMain’s solution is used outside the domestic market by Samsung, LG, Energy Solution, SK, DSME, and Kimberly-Clark, as well as ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia’s government-owned oil company. Future ventures include a global development of technology with Bosch Rexroth of Germany, who they signed an MOU with.

As of 2021, FutureMain has been able to attract 4.8 billion KRW in Series A investment, and are now looking to expand globally into the US, the Middle East, strong manufacturing countries in Europe and Asia and receive Series B investment.

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