Optasia AI-led Platform to Provide Micro-Lending Services in DR Congo

An advanced AI-led platform, Optasia, has teamed up with VodaCash and Access Bank to offer micro-lending overdraft services in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through its M-Pesa brand. The new service, known as “M-Pesa Rallonge”, will be aimed at the underbanked population across the country, offering zero or insufficient balance users an overdraft to carry out targeted transactions.

Driving Economic Growth and Financial Inclusion Across DR Congo

The Optasia platform will be instrumental in driving economic growth and financial inclusion in the DRC, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide intuitive and accessible financial solutions for underbanked individuals in even the remotest areas of the country. Under the commercial name of “M-Pesa Rallonge”, the offering will be available to approximately 6 million M-Pesa users in the country.

“Leveraging the benefits of Optasia’s sophisticated AI-led platform is paramount for our partners all over the world in enhancing their offerings,” stated Mark Muller, CEO of Optasia. With the addition of DR Congo to its expanding global presence, Optasia now serves more than 30 countries, taking financial inclusion to developing regions that have struggled to achieve it in the past.

AI-Led Platform for Financial Inclusion

Optasia uses proprietary algorithms to analyze alternative data from mobile and digital environments to provide relevant instant credit decisions to partners, including mobile network operators, mobile money operators, banks, and payment gateways. Its business-to-business-to-customers (B2B2X) model creates value for its partners and enables previously unavailable access to financing for underbanked populations.

This is achieved through the provision of airtime, data advances, and micro-lending via mobile wallets, SIM cards, and other digital platforms. The versatility provided by the AI-led platform makes it an ideal solution for driving financial inclusion across developing regions and supporting SMEs.


Optasia’s new micro-lending service in DR Congo is set to revolutionize access to finance for the underbanked population, creating new opportunities for economic growth and personal development. Through its AI-led platform, Optasia aims to deliver financial inclusion to developing regions worldwide, creating value for its partners and supporting SMEs along the way.

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