Augmented reality: how it will change our lives.

Many people feel that augmented reality will be merely a videogame. Actually, despite it would be a dream for game lovers, it is much more than that. Its applications will range from education, military training, advertising and why not entertaining. It is a long term project which is becoming more and more achievable today thanks to technological progress which we all should be aware of. Here are the most important predictions on how it will change our lives.


Do you know how people learn? It is agrounded fact that approximately 65% of people learn visually, whereas 35 learn by listening. This statistics come from a 2014 study about med students. Augmented reality might soon change for the better the way future doctors learn medicine. It doesn’t come as a surprise, think about the uses of AR. Seeing bones, blood vessels, or an organ through a transversal cut as you look at the human body will boost the capacity of students to master the skills they need to become good professionals. Not only that, think about the most practical uses. Augmented reality will not only boost the studying, but also the “doing”. It will, indeed, allow med schools to simulate surgical operations, from the simplest to the more complex, which would require corpses donated to universities.

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Before we buy anything we wanna make sure it fits our taste, but how to do that? Let’s suppose we wanna buy clothes. With AR, instead of trying on many different clothes, we could simply enter a AR fitting room and save us quite some time. All we would need is our hand gestures and a built-in system in the mirror. Fashion brands are already working on these projects as they don’t wanna be left behind, especially considering the AR fashion market could reach 10 billion by 2027.

Augmented reality: how it will change our lives.

AR apps will not only affect the way we choose dresses, but even more “heavy” stuff. Think about how we choose furniture, before we buy a sofa or a closet we would love to see it in our own house. But how to bring your house with you? Well, with AR you just need to bring your a picture of the corner of your room and that is it. There aere already many apps which allow you to place the desired piece of furniture wherever you want so that you can see it “on the spot”.

Augmented reality: how it will change our lives.

These are just some small examples of how AR could change our lives. However, despite being simple changes they represent a great pathway which we all will walk through.

Thank you for reading and to our next update.

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