Best Startup Coworking Spaces near you in 2022

The majority of U.S. entrepreneurs prefer to operate from home, however if your organization is expanding and you need to add additional employees or meet with clients, your home office may not be the best option. Separating your personal and professional lives can be challenging, which actually raises the risk of burnout.

In a shared workspace, startups coworking spaces bring together freelancers, small company owners, and remote employees. They’ve even been employed by well-known brands like Indiegogo, Instagram, Timehop, Uber, and Wanderfly.

The flexibility of coworking spaces is their main advantage. Each coworking space has a unique layout, such as an open workplace with rows of workstations and breakout areas or a more private arrangement with private offices and conference rooms.

So, in this article we will shed light on the top startup coworking spaces that will facilitate you in achieving your financial goals without burning out excessive cash. The benefit each space offers will also be provided to help you choose the most optimum space.

1. Awfis

Co-working spaces best and most value bringing services are offered by Awfis. Users may search for spaces depending on the type of space, the city, the area, and the capacity. claims that the majority of the facilities use the managed aggregation model, where the owner offers the business the property for no money up front in exchange for a larger cut of the profits.

Users may reserve workstations, private cabins, conference spaces, and business centres online. teamed together with incubators, angel networks, venture capital funds, and startup mentors to help the local population. Prior reservations and royalties on the platform’s meeting room bookings are the sources of income.

2. Plexal

Plexal is the engine that drives innovative businesses. This workplace in east London was created to resemble a little city, complete with a park within, personal phone booths, a main street, a town hall, and a workshop area for quick prototyping.

Plexal is the ideal shared office space for entrepreneurs with such a wide selection of entrepreneurial facilities and services. This coworking facility, which is actually a full-fledged campus and occupies 1.2 million square feet, gives companies lots of area to expand in addition to providing a full range of services including accelerator programmes, entrepreneurship classes, funding alternatives, and a cutting-edge technology lab. Additionally, Plexal offers flexible memberships for entrepreneurs that give them access to a private office and all the assistance they require to grow.

3. TechHub

The only people who may join TechHub as members are those who work in the technology sector. For tech startups, they organize events, advising sessions, and other activities.

The community and activities are the main advantages that members enjoy. Each member works in the technology sector, and they may consult the other businesses for help.

In addition, IT startups are a focus of the events. They have locations in Warsaw, London, Madrid, Bangalore, Bucharest, and Bucharest. The cost varies depending on the area. Both monthly and yearly payments are accepted.

4. Industrious

offering managed co-working and private office spaces to startups, freelancers, and businesspeople. High-speed internet, a common area, a printer, a photocopier, and other facilities are available.

The business also provides flexible agreements and exclusive office space for groups of one to 10 individuals, in addition to the ability to reserve a solitary desk as a co-working area.

5. 1871 – Most reliable coworker startup space

400 companies are housed at the well-known coworking space 1871, which has 120,000 square feet of space in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. Startups may easily locate a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and tech firms at 1871 who are equally aiming to develop remarkable businesses, whether they are just getting started or growing quickly.

Additionally, this coworking area organises occasions targeted exclusively towards digital businesses. Most recently, 1871 introduced a brand-new programme called PYROS that offers participants multi-stage, specifically suited resources, tools, mentors, seminars, curriculum, and peer groups depending on the needs of their firms’ business development. The 1871 incubator is the perfect place for your business to hatch if it needs some serious incubation.

6. New Lab

A coworking facility called New Lab is situated in a former military base. 350 IT sector entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers now have enough room to work.

Prototyping shops are provided by New Lab so that members may create their own items and prototypes. Because of this, New Lab is ideal for hardware-focused businesses, creative businesses, and IT businesses.

7. Innov8

For business owners, startups, independent contractors, inventors, and artists, Innov8 provides an online platform for searching and reserving coworking spaces. Depending on the membership access a user has chosen, the properties, which are controlled by the corporation, might provide both premium and regular functionality. They allow access to its workstation both during the day and at night.

8. Workhaus

The towers of downtown Toronto are home to 10 different coworking spaces offered by Workhaus. Startups may actually extend their workforce inside the Workhaus brand by moving to second and third Workhaus locations under the same simplified membership thanks to the variety of spaces available.

Access to special events for company growth is one of the main advantages of coworking at Workhaus for entrepreneurs. Your team’s calendar will rapidly become full of events that have the ability to energise your network, ranging from high-profile grade programming to blockchain keynotes.

Additionally, TorontoStarts, the city’s most active startup network with over 14,000 entrepreneurial members, hosts large-scale events with the help of Workhaus. The ideal launch platform is offered by Workhaus if you need to establish a company.


If you’re considering coworking, maintain an open mind and check out a few before signing up. The freedom to select what you want and when you desire it is the real appeal of coworking for companies.

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