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BlueSignum Unveils Mental Health Service ‘Lighthouse’ at the Korea-U.S. Startup Summit

BlueSignum, a startup aiming to offer services that help improve the emotional state of people with their services every day, has now unveiled another Mental Health self-care service, “Lighthouse”. The startup attended the Korea-US Startup Summit, held from Tuesday, September 20th to Wednesday the 21st at Pier 17, New York.

BlueSignum, and what they offer

The company originated as a team of students at Seoul National University in 2019, working on “Pongpongi”, a pet penguin robot. With its mood tracker, DailyBean, ranked the best on the mood tracker markets in both the US as well as the UK, and over 3 million total downloads, it was made with single person households in mind.

Lighthouse is an application for detectable mental healthcare solutions, based on artificial intelligence. It will be able to lower the resignation rate of employees in companies by encouraging self-care and tailored activities to this end. Where other providers aim to connect users to mental health professionals, Lighthouse offers a more financially accessible alternative, while providing a variety of content that extends beyond simple meditation.

Characteristics and the mental condition of users are evaluated using multiple inputs of data, and the corresponding therapy content is delivered in chat form.
From there on the content can be further personalized to the user through questions and answers. Then, non-demanding quests and activities are generated to fit the user’s needs to achieve fulfillment.
The algorithm selects the most fitting content from more than 500 different options, and in 10 different categories of treatment within its library. For this, Lighthouse uses the users input in addition to other psychological data resources to form a detailed picture of symptoms.

The quality of the recommendations is heightened by employing deep learning models as well as an analysis of successive data points in timed intervals. This forward-looking analysis becomes crucial in order to foresee any dangerous situations such as mental health crises, and possibly avert them.
In the name of accessibility at any time of place, BlueSignum decided to create a service accessible at any place or time of day, on a mobile device, offering reliability.

K-Startups entry into the global market

A comprehensive analysis as offered by this service is beneficial not only to B2C clientele – It can also give useful insights into significant statistics pertaining to employment for business clients.
To the purpose of managing these resources tools are provided, and personal information is hidden. For example, members of a Team could be recommended an activity that fits with their current location or occupation.

This, among other concepts and business models were presented at the Korea-U.S. Startup Summit, hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, under Minister Young Lee, and supervised by the Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development under Director Yongmoon Kim.

Korea Venture Investment provided a scene for networking between South Korean startups and global companies, as new businesses enter the global market. The accommodating ecosystem of the New York IT industry, dubbed “Silicon Alley” is looking for inspiration from Korean businesses as they make this entrance, and seek global investments. Public relations of this sort were encouraged by the event, providing space for meetings, exchanges, and seminars to facilitate Korean companies’ entry into the US Market.

Following three counts of seed investments in DHP, Mashup Angels and SpringCamp, as well as being awarded the excellence award in Stage Eureka, BlueSignum is now expected at CES in 2023 with the support of the Seoul Digital Foundation.

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