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The K-Metaverse Pavilion at MWC Las Vegas 2022

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) has put together the NIPA K-Metaverse Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Las Vegas 2022. This is aimed not only to boost promising Korean metaverse companies but also strengthen the footing of the Korean metaverse industry as a whole.

A total of 28 Korean companies participated in the NIPA K-Metaverse Pavilion in which business meetings were held with local and overseas buyers. Moreover, official programs such as K-Metaverse DEMO DAY has been hosted to support each company’s corporate PR and developing the overseas market.

The forum Industry City one of the official programs of MWC Las Vegas, with the theme The Future We Aspire To Face Global Challenges with K-Metaverse was held on September 29. It goal was to discuss metaverse technological trends of Korean companies and the future prospects or direction of the industry. Korean companies such as Emotionwave, Aria, JJAANN, Tripbitoz, and Xrisp were participating in the forum in order to introduce global challenges the industry is facing. However, primarily, this forum is expected to serve and provide an opportunity to introduce K-Metaverse on the global exhibition stage of MWC. Whilst also introducing Korean companies and technologies to the market and provide a foothold for them to enter the international scene.

Additionally, the K-Metaverse DEMO DAY, a part of the official MWC partner program, on September 29, was help to promote each Korean company’s products and industry solution. As well as provide networking opportunities with domestic and foreign firms through 1:1 meetings. 

More than 50 global VCs will be gathering to meet local Korean metaverse companies for this MWC DEMO DAY event, 19 companies of which have already been announced:

  • Aria Studio, Emotionwave, Sidewalk, JJAANN, and Tripitoz, as representatives of the tourism and entertainment field
  • Dataking, Ucon Creative, Inventis, and Superbin as representatives of the education field
  • Mingle & Co, GraFiziX, Visual Light, and Immersivecast as representatives for XR Contents
  • Linkdotz, Wonder Vari, Wedit, and Xrisp as representatives for XR Platform
  • iGiS, representing the field of Industrial Solutions


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