China Mobile’s iSolutions Alliance accelerates business digital transformation

China Mobile International Limited (CMI) has announced the launch of its iSolutions Partner Ecosystem Alliance, bringing together next-generation information technology partners. The alliance seeks to empower enterprises to accelerate digital transformation on a “one-stop service” cooperation platform.

China Mobile International Launches iSolutions Partner Ecosystem Alliance

Led by CMI iSolutions, the alliance has partnered with more than 200 outstanding partners and industry leaders across the globe. The new alliance will upgrade the collaboration model from “1+1” partnerships to an “N+N” alliance mechanism. The partners’ open integration capabilities enable their offerings to be readily integrated with CMI’s products and solutions, thereby meeting the diversified needs of enterprises.

A “One-Stop-Service” Platform for Digital Transformation

CMI iSolutions has helped over 7,000 enterprise customers digitally transform themselves with one-stop customized services for 5G, cloud, Internet of Things, connectivity, and data centers. With the official launch of the alliance, the ecosystem partners will collaborate in product innovation, integration, business expansion, resource sharing, and brand building. Together, they will bring together capabilities and resources in products, solutions, services, and platforms, as well as marketing, enabling enterprises to expand seamlessly.

Diverse Industry Leaders Gather at Successful Launch Event

The launch event gathered more than 180 senior executives from partner companies, including Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Dahua Technology, Fortinet, HUAWEI CLOUD, Inspur, LightWAN, Tencent Cloud, Tuya Smart, and ZTE. The first partners to sign up span a broad range of technologies, from cloud, SD-WAN, IoT, and 5G to security, edge, services, and more. As Dr. Li Feng, Chairman, and CEO of CMI says, “We are committed to creating better digitalized services and solutions that exceed expectations, in order to enhance customers’ competitiveness towards the future of innovation and the digital intelligence ocean.”

In conclusion, the iSolutions Partner Ecosystem Alliance launch signifies a new era of collaboration in product innovation, integration, business expansion, resource sharing, and brand building in China’s technology sector. Through this initiative, CMI seeks to provide complimentary strengths to build an ecosystem that efficiently combines everyone’s capabilities in a synergic manner, in order to provide a wide spectrum of verticals with better access to digital intelligence.

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