Revolutionize Customer Engagement with TalkGPT!

Introducing a breakthrough solution in customer engagement: TalkGPT, ASEAN’s first generative AI-enabled omnichannel customer engagement solution by WIZ.AI. The self-service platform allows users to ideate, iterate and implement customer engagement campaigns within minutes. TalkGPT, built on the foundation of WIZ.AI’s flagship Talkbot solution, delivers dynamic call conversations and WhatsApp messages in a matter of clicks, engaging with over one million customers in one hour.

Enhancing Customer Engagement with TalkGPT and WIZ.AI’s Flagship Talkbot

With TalkGPT and WIZ.AI’s Talkbot solution, businesses can now personalize conversations with hyper-personalized, human-like interactions. The Talkbot understands and responds to customers’ responses like human agents, creating persuasive and emotionally-tuned messages that deliver enhanced engagement experiences. According to WIZ.AI’s CEO and co-founder, Jennifer Zhang, “TalkGPT unlocks new content ideas and channels to reach target customers, now everyone can be their own CMO.”

With Talkbot’s 95% success rate in retaining human-like conversations, many of WIZ.AI’s clients have already experienced up to 40% increase in engagement rates and 5.3x higher cost efficiencies. The generated conversations by Talkbot are based on unstructured call data, which gets digitized to gain in-depth insights into customer journeys. This allows businesses in optimizing data-driven customer engagement and enhancing personalized experiences through advanced analytics.

TalkGPT: ASEAN’s First Generative AI-Enabled Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution

The possibilities for TalkGPT are numerous, ranging from personalized reminders to end-users to promoting product launches and other marketing initiatives. With TalkGPT, businesses can deliver secure one-time passcodes via phone calls or messages, based on customer preferences.

TalkGPT allows businesses of any size to quickly engage with customers through various channels leading to timely customer interactions and improved ROI. Since TalkGPT and Talkbot are entirely self-service for ideating, iterating, and implementing customer engagement campaigns, many enterprises can build highly effective campaigns with minimum time to market.


WIZ.AI’s TalkGPT is revolutionizing businesses’ customer engagement strategies, offering innovative ways to enhance efficiency, drive growth and deliver elevated customer experiences. Combining the power of TalkGPT and WIZ.AI’s Talkbot solution, customers’ engagements can now be optimized, and personalized experiences delivered. The solution’s accessibility to all kinds of businesses is its entirely self-service process, catering to a wider range of businesses in the ASEAN region.


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