Shopify – A guide for successful entrepreneurship

Shopify is a worldwide famous e-commerce platform that allows small businesses to build their online stores to sell their products and grow effectively. It has a user-friendly program where merchants can build and customize a modern store online and sell their products in multiple places including mobile, web, social media, online marketplaces, in-person, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.

Nowadays, e-commerce is the most rapidly growing industry in the world, where businesses are getting stronger than ever before due to its business model, management, and features. Shopify has several add-on features like choosing and customizing a theme, adding products, drop shipping, abandoned cart reminders, Shopify analytics, third-party integration, and many more. With personalization options and providing the best security, businesses have a bright future by working with Shopify.

It has two subscription plans named standard and lite plan. The standard plan includes out-of-the-box SEO tools that will help owners to boost their sales and it starts at 29USD per month. While lite plans start at 9USD per month by offering mobile POS sales and a buy button to sell their products on websites, blogs, and via email. All plans offer the best business management tools like product sourcing, payment processing, customer accounts, marketing, and reporting, etc.

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What does Shopify do?

Shopify is a basic foundation to run an online business to open a storefront. It is a platform where merchants engage with customers, accept payments, and customize their showcase to sell their items. It provides all the tools to manage all activities for a better and more efficient workflow.

How does Shopify work?

Shopify is an all-in-one program that centralizes your product data, manages customer and operation tasks in one system, and connects to all of your sales channels seamlessly by providing security. It makes it easy to explore and expand into fresh product lines and sales channels.

 Here are some of the steps of how Shopify works.

  • Build and customize your store

First of all, merchants choose their store theme from more than 70 styles that suit their store and products perfectly. Drag and drop tool makes customization easier with multiple capabilities. Users can customize fonts, colors, images, designs, etc. Shopify gives 14 day free trial for a free test drive without asking for your credit card upfront.

  • Payment management

Using Shopify payment, users can accept credit cards from customers easily. Users can connect their payment procedures to their customizable dashboard. Shopify offers 100 plus external payment processors, users can use their favorite one for their payment process.

  • Product data management

After building a store, merchants enter the items detail they want to sell on Shopify. They set their prices, images, shipping charges, and details of the product for the customers’ guidance. They can also categorize their items and make an unlimited list of products. They can find their abandoned cart or forgotten items and manage them as well.

  • Multiple sales channels

Selling products only on Shopify will not increase or help to grow business. And also users do not have to sell their products just on their website. They can use Shopify to list their products on multiple channels such as Google, eBay, TikTok, Walmart, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other famous sites around the world. It will help to increase the popularity and sale of their products.

  • Order process

As customers make their online orders from the store, merchants will manage everything within the Shopify dashboard. For better workflow, Shopify has built-in tools that make work more efficient, accurate, and easy. Merchants can manage orders they ship themselves, drop ship products, and virtual items like e-books and music downloads. Customers get their product shipment tracking information through Shopify’s automatically emails. After store and product setup and completing workflow necessities, merchants can explore amazing features like email marketing, abandoned cart remarketing, and blogging.

  • Shopify POS

Brick-and-mortar businesses can set up their Shopify POS in their stores. They can customize POS for their payment and product method that suits their fast and secure service. Shopify POS has many features from making an order to payment procedures. It includes an admin panel where users can customize the dashboard and add extra options or change the setting.

  • Business Analysis

Shopify includes multiple features to show reports, analytics, and other information on desktop and mobile. Merchants can easily manage everything, anywhere from the Shopify mobile app including setting the price, dealing with funds, uploading product photos, visualizing sales and visitor traffic, getting order notifications, and communicating with your working crew. Shopify helps you to deal with multilingual customers all over the world by providing a multi-language feature dashboard. It offers 24/7 live support via email, chat, and phone.

Shopify Impact on businesses

Shopify is providing a helping hand to small businesses with various abilities, features, and third-party integration for business growth. Since Shopify is one of the best places it has a low barrier to entry, where everyone from small to large businesses can start their own store and sell their items worldwide. However, for some reason, there is a learning curve in it. It is quite difficult to start and learn things in the admin option and even it takes months for experimentation to run a business. But Shopify is intuitive and all it needs is practice. After a while, it will become easier to run your own store by managing everything.

Shopify won’t work with some types of businesses like adult content, gambling, virtual currency services, drug paraphernalia, travel services, phone services, extended warranties, psychic services, multilevel marketing, legal services, investment, items that cause health, fireworks, smoking products, etc.


In the current era of competition, Shopify has an edge due to its user-friendly customization features with the best services. Shopify helps people thrive in their business by providing business analysis reports and an admin control panel, where users can watch over all their products and order activities. This platform has increased in popularity all over the world by helping many small businesses in a secure and reliable way.

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