Digile, Innopia Global and Reveron Merger to Deliver Innovative Digital Solutions

Digile Group has announced its merger with Innopia Global and Reveron to deliver innovative digital solutions to businesses across the globe. Nomura, a global financial services corporation, has invested in this strategic engagement and has become a shareholder in the merged entity.

Digile Group, Innopia Global, and Reveron Merge to Deliver Digital Solutions

The merged entity comprises three exceptional companies with each of them having robust local presence while serving clients from around the world. Digile, Innopia Global, and Reveron are delivery leaders in their respective verticals. Digile has headquarters in Singapore with offices in the US, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and the Philippines. Reveron specializes in Infrastructure lifecycle management and Digital Twins, while Innopia Global has expertise in enterprise solutions.

Together, they are capable of offering end-to-end digital solutions, accelerating innovation, and providing even greater value to a wider spectrum of clients. Digile Group will focus on Digital Enablement and play a much larger role in helping digitally evolving companies thrive in today’s complex digital environment.

Nomura Invests and Becomes Shareholder in Merged Entity

Aadit Seshasayee, Head of Loans and Principal Investments, Asia ex-Japan, at Nomura said, “The three companies are delivery leaders in their respective verticals, and through this transaction, Nomura is backing the vision of Digile Group to create a world-class player in the IT solutions space.” The transaction marks Nomura’s investment into the Digile Group as a testament to its capabilities.

Digile Group Aims to Expand Global Footprint and Empower Businesses with Digital Technology

Digile Group aims to expand its range of digital services and grow its global footprint to realize its vision of empowering businesses across the globe to embrace the full potential of digital technology. This strategic investment will help Digile invest more into driving end-to-end, automation-first transformation programs for its customers. With over 500 employees and offices in seven locations in Asia and North America, the merged entity will enable solutions to businesses around the world.

Ravi Koka, CEO of Digile Group said, “Nomura’s investment into the Digile Group is a testament to our capabilities, and we look forward to working with the team in driving end-to-end, automation-first transformation programs for our customers around the region as we grow a sustainable and profitable business.

The merged entity will help drive innovation and customer satisfaction, enabling businesses to meet evolving digitalization needs. With its clear vision and a robust leadership team, Digile Group is driving ‘Phygital’ experiences – at the cusp where physical and digital meet.

Together, these companies hope to deliver world-class digital solutions to businesses across Asia and beyond. Each company has expertise in specific areas, and the merger will bring together their complementary knowledge to offer an unparalleled service to clients.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, this merger will go a long way in serving the growing digitalization needs of businesses around the globe while delivering innovative and comprehensive digital solutions.

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