Embrace Pet Insurance Streamlines Claims With AI Platform: Apollo

Embrace Pet Insurance, a leading US provider for dogs and cats, has introduced an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the standard pet insurance claims process.

Embrace Pet Insurance Launches AI-Powered Platform, Apollo

The new platform, named Apollo, utilizes artificial intelligence to automate time-consuming processes such as claim adjudication, document handling, and data extraction.

Since its launch in June 2022, Apollo has processed almost 250,000 claims with a 75% faster processing time than the conventional claims method.

The Benefits of Automating Claims Processing for Pet Insurance

Apollo operates under the “Lightning Claims” protocol, a unique approach that predetermines covered claims. As a result, Apollo saves the adjusters valuable time that would have been spent on routine claim processing. This has resulted in improved customer service, more efficient reimbursements, and increased productivity for claims adjusters.

Additionally, Embrace plans to utilize AI across all aspects of the business where there is an opportunity to automate and improve processes. The use of AI technology increases efficiencies in the company, allowing employees to focus on more strategic, value-adding projects while maintaining high operational performance.

Embrace Pet Insurance Leads the Way in Modernizing the Industry

Embrace’s president, Brian Macias, stated that “AI is not replacing the expertise of our claims adjusters, but rather allows them to focus on more complex claims and projects where their experience is best utilized. This platform is a groundbreaking development within the pet insurance industry, and our team is paving the way of the future with this modernized approach.”

Embrace Pet Insurance continues to innovate and enhance the pet insurance experience for pet parents across the country. The company offers one comprehensive accident and illness insurance plan, as well as optional preventative care products, such as Wellness Rewards, which reimburses for routine veterinary visits, grooming, training, and vaccinations, with no itemized restrictions.


Embrace’s Apollo processing system is a significant advancement in the pet insurance industry. The platform improves efficiency, speed, and customer service, making Embrace a forerunner in modernizing the pet insurance process. As Embrace plans to expand AI usage throughout the business, pet owners may anticipate an even more streamlined and efficient claims process in the future.

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