Login Enterprise 5.0 Cuts Cloud PC Costs by 40%!

In today’s rapidly changing market for cloud-based desktops and hosted applications, cost management and optimization have become top priorities. Cloud-based solutions are often more cost-effective, but understanding the costs associated with virtual desktops and apps has always been challenging. Login VSI, a Boston and Amsterdam-based software company, has developed a new solution to address these challenges with its latest product, Login Enterprise 5.0.

New Features in Login Enterprise 5.0

With Login Enterprise 5.0, Login VSI brings together proactive monitoring, cost optimization, and capacity planning for virtual desktops and apps. This solution provides data-driven metrics, including new dashboards for cost and capacity tracking, that offer predictive insights. The dashboards enable IT teams to track and monitor the production deployments’ cost, capacity, and performance over time as environments evolve.

Cost Optimization and Capacity Planning for Virtual Desktops and Apps

The real-time insight provided by the new dashboards in Login Enterprise 5.0 support cost optimization and improve performance by enabling quick issue detection, offering optics into resource utilization, and making environment selection easier from a cost and performance perspective. According to John Vigeant, CEO of Login VSI, early customer deployments have already resulted in more than 40% realized savings in a single month of cloud PC spend.

Proactive Monitoring and Performance Management with Login VSI

IT teams can use Login VSI’s benchmarking and proactive monitoring capabilities to get precise estimates of their workload costs before deploying anything. This allows them to make data-driven decisions based on cost and price-to-performance ratios while weighing the benefits of cloud versus on-premises workloads. The Login Enterprise 5.0 platform is 100% agentless and can be used in all major VDI and DaaS environments, including Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft. With 360° proactive visibility, Login VSI empowers IT teams to plan and maintain successful digital workplaces with less cost, fewer disruptions, and lower risk.

In summary, the new features of Login Enterprise 5.0 make it the only solution in the market that enables VDI and DaaS teams to optimize cost and performance to measure end-user experience and price, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Partners can use Login VSI’s platform to strengthen their business cases, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize the value delivered. For more information, visit the Login VSI website or join the latest webinar.

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