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EU-Korea hydrogen industry in one spot! Korean Pavilion at HYVOLUTION 2022

The Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee (Chairman Man-ki Jeong, hereinafter the getting sorted out board) will take an interest as a Korean joint structure and keep a corner intact with homegrown hydrogen-related organizations and establishments at ‘HYVOLUTION 2022‘, which will be held at the Paris Event Center in France from May 11 to 12.

Hydrogen boosting inspection and testing equipment EU-Korea hydrogen industry in one spot! Korean Pavilion at HYVOLUTION 2022

Korea Pavilion: 11 organizations at HYVOLUTION 2022

  • Daeha
  • Daehyun ST
  • Ajou University
  • FCMT
  • NK Aether
  • GPhilos
  • Hylium Industry
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Korea Environmental Industry Association
  • Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
  • Organizing Committee

Ajou University

Ajou University will likewise present a variety changing sensor for identifying hydrogen spillage. The variety change sensor innovation for hydrogen spill identification created by the examination group of Professor Hyung-tak Seo of Ajou University is an elite presentation and high-accuracy sensor that can definitively gauge the hydrogen fixation, and is a fundamental innovation to guarantee the protected use of hydrogen.

Daeha Co., Ltd

Daeha Co., Ltd. is an organization gaining practical experience in super high tension innovation that makes and sells testing and examination gear for high-pressure hydrogen parts. Daeha’s test hardware has been checked for security and unwavering quality through homegrown producers and exploration establishments that foster hydrogen parts. At the display, △ High-pressure hydrogen parts test and examination hardware, △Cryogenic fluid hydrogen parts test and review gear, △Hydrogen pressure test hardware, △Hydrogen gas promoter, and △Compressor framework for hydrogen filling stations will be exhibited.

Daehyun ST Co., Ltd

Daehyun ST Co., Ltd. is a main homegrown tape covering organization that works versatile, show, battery, semiconductor, and unique tape covering organizations. As of late, it has entered the hydrogen sensor field and is focusing on colorimetric sensors and sensor organizations that are liable for hydrogen wellbeing. The hydrogen colorimetric sensor film, that will be presented at the show, is a film that can outwardly distinguish hydrogen spillage in 5 seconds or less. Likewise, △Chameleon film and △Semiconductor film will likewise be presented.

FCMT Co., Ltd.

FCMT Co., Ltd. produces MEA and STACK, which are center pieces of hydrogen power devices, in view of the plan and assembling innovation of MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly), and is a trustworthy MEA-particular organization that has as of late been chosen as a joint R&D establishment for restriction of water electrolysis frameworks. MEA (layer terminal get together) is a film-type gathering that instigates a substance response among oxygen and hydrogen in a hydrogen power module and converts it into electrical energy.

NK Aether

The main producer spend significant time in super enormous compartments in Korea, is intending to grandstand Hydrogen tube trailers, ASME stockpiling, and Y-ton for semiconductor extraordinary gas stockpiling at this show. NK Aether covers different modern fields like semiconductor extraordinary gas, hydrogen energy, petroleum gas, and different modern gas transportation and capacity frameworks, in light of super high tension gas compartment fabricating innovation aggregated throughout recent years.


It is an organization represent considerable authority in furnishing green hydrogen frameworks and arrangements with environmentally friendly power transformation innovation, and is the first in Korea to construct and work a breeze power-based green hydrogen plant. GPhilos’ Green Hydrogen (P2G) framework is an incorporated framework that incorporates water electrolysis as well as hydrogen use stages like pressure and capacity, and energy units. Also, Fuel cell power converters, and △New and environmentally friendly power arrangements will be declared at HYVOLUTION 2022.

Hylium Industries

Hylium Industries, a KIST startup adventure, has a past filled with autonomously creating fluid hydrogen creation, capacity, transport, and wellbeing innovation, without precedent for Korea. Significant items incorporate fluid hydrogen filling stations, fluid hydrogen drones, fluid hydrogen stockpiling tanks, and hydrogen liquefiers.

An authority from the getting sorted out advisory group said, “At this presentation we will educate the EU regarding the homegrown hydrogen industry drifts, and plan and work a PR place to advance trades in the private hydrogen industry, along with KOTRA.”

FCMT MEA Hylium Industries Liquid hydrogen drone GPhilos P2G System Daehyun ST film EU-Korea hydrogen industry in one spot! Korean Pavilion at HYVOLUTION 2022

Clockwise from top left) FCMT MEA, Hylium Industries Liquid hydrogen drone, GPhilos P2G System, Daehyun ST film

In the mean time, HYVOLUTION is the biggest hydrogen industry B2B (business-to-business) show in France facilitated by GL Events. This year, in excess of 250 hydrogen esteem chain-related organizations and establishments from around the world will take an interest in Mobility, Energy, and Industry. Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee’ will take an interest in the display as a joint structure by marking a NDA for presentation trade with French MICE organization GL Event.


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