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HYVOLUTION 2022 Paris on the 11th: Hydrogen Mobility + Korean Pavilion!

– France Hydrogen Industry Exhibition, held at the Paris Event Center from May 11th to 12th

– More than 250 participating hydrogen-related companies and institutions in the fields of mobility, energy, and hydrogen refueling

– The organizing committee to participate as joint Korean pavilion to promote exchanges between EU and domestic hydrogen industries to create business opportunities

Hyvolution 2021 hydrogen show paris HYVOLUTION 2022 Paris on the 11th: Hydrogen Mobility + Korean Pavilion!

HYVOLUTION 2022 (France Hydrogen Industry Exhibition) will be held for two days from May eleventh to twelfth at the Paris Event Center, France.

HYVOLUTION is the biggest hydrogen industry B2B show in France facilitated by GL Event. This year, in excess of 250 hydrogen esteem chain-related organizations and foundations all over the planet will take part in Mobility, Energy, and Hydrogen charging fields.

A sum of 11 organizations and foundations will partake in the Korea Pavilion:

  • Daeha
  • Daehyun ST
  • Ajou University
  • FCMT
  • NK Aether
  • GPhilos
  • Hylium Industry
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Korea Environmental Industry Association
  • Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
  • Organizing Committee.

The getting sorted out board of trustees, alongside KOTRA, will advise the EU regarding homegrown hydrogen industry patterns. They will likewise set up and work an advertising place to advance trades in the private hydrogen industry.

2021 Hydrogen Mobility Show korea HYVOLUTION 2022 Paris on the 11th: Hydrogen Mobility + Korean Pavilion!

As a countermeasure against environmental change, the world is quickly moving to a low-carbon economy — a hydrogen economy. Subsequently, we will grab hold of the ongoing status of the worldwide hydrogen industry by taking part in this presentation. We likewise plan to look for potential open doors for worldwide participation all through the modern worth chain.

In the hydrogen business, the whole business environment from creation, transportation, stockpiling, and usage needs to uniformly develop. Notwithstanding, besides in the field of hydrogen use, Korea has numerous regions that are inadequate in modern intensity contrasted with other hydrogen-driving nations like the EU. Albeit 171.8 billion won was designated to the public R&D project for the improvement of a hydrogen biological system, more examination venture and strategy support is frantically expected to accomplish top notch modern seriousness.

Man-kiJeong, director of KAMA and executive of the Hydrogen Mobility + Show arranging council

In the mean time, the 2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show will be held at KINTEX, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do from August 31 to September 3. GL Events is additionally advancing the investment of French organizations and others in the Hydrogen Mobility + Show.


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