Flippa Launches Industry’s First AI Recommendation Engine for M&A

Flippa has launched a state-of-the-art AI-driven recommendation engine that uses machine learning to match buyers with sellers on its platform. With global digital entrepreneurship and online business ownership continuing to grow, Flippa’s innovative tool helps owners swiftly and seamlessly locate potential acquirers among the 1.5 million registered buyers on the Flippa marketplace, thereby increasing their reach and speeding up the exit process. The new recommender engine answers the question “who would buy my business?” and provides a higher level of accuracy and efficiency for online business M&A deals.

Efficient Matching in High-Growth Market

According to the CEO of Flippa, Blake Hutchison, the fast-paced online business M&A market is seeing soaring expectations from buyers and sellers who want to find the right deal partners quickly. Flippa’s AI-powered recommender tool is designed to simultaneously provide business owners with qualified buyers, who are likely to purchase their businesses while offering prospective buyers, including institutional investors and family offices, access to high-potential deal flow effortlessly. This AI-powered recommendation system uses machine learning to get specific about finding potential M&A targets, with scalability and high precision within the Flippa marketplace. With over 6000 buyers invited and just over $30MM in Letter of Intent (LOI) value issued, the new tool’s effectiveness and ability to navigate the search process have been proven beyond doubt.

Overview of New Tool

The tool is incredibly simple to use, with buyers clicking on “Invite to Deal” and getting notified of relevant deals which have been matched algorithmically by the Flippa platform. The AI-powered recommendation engine is available on deals valued between $250,000 and $25MM, making it highly accessible to most business owners. Flippa’s Head of Product, Tony Xu, said the model has undergone a rigorous amount of training to help it understand the intricate connections and dependencies within the Flippa platform. Hence, the model can leverage the power of machine learning to augment the ability to surface recommendations to the users with unprecedented accuracy. The new Flippa recommendation engine is now available to buyers on the Flippa platform.

About Flippa

Flippa is the #1 marketplace to buy and sell online businesses worldwide that offers a technology-driven efficiency matching over 100,000 buyers to relevant deals every month. Flippa’s platform is known for its world-leading deal volumes, a massive network of advisors, and some of the most exciting innovation in online business M&A. Their tool is M&A for the 99%, where owners of online businesses can easily locate and sell their digital properties in a fast, efficient, and convenient way.


Flippa’s launch of the industry’s first AI-powered recommendation engine for M&A deals is a game-changer. The tool comes with improved algorithmic recommendations capable of matching buyers and sellers in a more scalable, precise, and efficient manner. This AI-driven tool offers owners the opportunity to access a more extensive network of potential acquirers and buyers with more accurate and relevant recommendations. For buyers, the advantage of Flippa’s new tool lies in its speedier and smoother M&A process. The new Flippa recommendation engine is set to disrupt the online business M&A market, opening up opportunities for buyers and sellers to access high-quality deals on tap.


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