Insurance Uses AI to Reduce Workplace Injuries and Improve Employee Wellness

In response to a 2021 study made by workers’ compensation claims, Selective Insurance has introduced a new ergonomic safety solution from TuMeke to tackle workplace-related injuries. According to this study, strain-related injuries were the most common type of compensation claims in the construction, manufacturing, and wholesale segments, and reported 18% earlier in employees’ tenure than in 2011. In an effort to reduce musculoskeletal pain and disorder risks, Selective’s ergonomic safety solution uses AI-powered software to review footage and build 3D models of employees while maintaining privacy.

How It Works

Selective policyholders can use a smartphone to record consenting employees completing a task. TuMeke’s AI software will review the footage to build detailed 3D models of the human body moving through space to complete industry-standard assessments that identify high-risk body positions and motions. At the end of the process, policyholders receive a report with findings and suggestions to reduce the risk of workplace-related injuries. This unique approach promotes workplace wellness and safety by spotting potentially hazardous behaviors and reducing them, especially in labor-intensive industries such as construction and manufacturing.

The Benefits

The ergonomic safety solution from TuMeke offers several benefits for policyholders, their employees, and their bottom line. By identifying and addressing high-risk body positions and motions, policyholders can reduce the risk of workplace-related injuries and improve employee wellness. This, in turn, can lead to improved productivity, reduced workers’ compensation claims, and lower injury-related costs.


Selective Insurance’s AI-powered ergonomic safety solution from TuMeke is a proactive and innovative approach to workplace safety and wellness. By using this solution, policyholders can protect their employees, lower costs, and promote a culture of safety and wellness in the workplace. For more information on this solution and how policyholders can access it, visit Selective’s website.


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