iWave Acquires NonprofitOS: A Game-changer for Fundraising

In an exciting development for nonprofit fundraising, iWave has announced its acquisition of Nonprofit Operating System (NonprofitOS), a platform that uses AI technology to automate the creation of content for fundraisers. This move signifies a synergy that brings together fundraising intelligence with empathetic engagement, promising to set new standards in the sector.

NonprofitOS Joins Forces with iWave

The merger will see NonprofitOS’s AI-powered copywriting tool integrated into iWave’s fundraising intelligence platform. This unique combination allows the drafting of everything from website content to fundraising appeals in just minutes, saving vast amounts of time. Facilitating front-line fundraisers to engage more in creating impacts and personal relationships, the NonprofitOS platform learns from nonprofit community inputs, ensuring the generated content is relevant, to the point, and does not misuse personal information.

Unlocking New Possibilities in Fundraising

As per Cherian Koshy, the Founder of Nonprofit Operating System, this partnership will align “actionable fundraising intelligence and empathetic engagement” – an exciting prospect for the nonprofits. Adding to this, Craig O’Neill, CEO of iWave, expressed his excitement regarding how this combination would revolutionize the ways they support nonprofits in their missions.

About iWave and Nonprofit Operating System

Navigating a new era of nonprofit fundraising, iWave’s intuitive and powerful solutions offer access to high-quality wealth and philanthropic information. On the other hand, Nonprofit Operating System presents itself as a platform that democratizes access to AI for nonprofit organizations. The system seeks to empower nonprofits to make data-driven decisions, improve outreach and communication, and ultimately make a more substantial impact on their causes.

In a nutshell, this collaboration sees the fusion of big data, automation, and AI in a unique, pioneering approach to modern fundraising. By bringing together the insightful donor insights of iWave with the generative AI of NonprofitOS, nonprofits can look forward to better understanding, expanding, and engaging their donor base, improving donor retention, and maximizing their impact like never before.

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