MindPetal Boosts AI Capabilities with VerticalApps Acquisition

In an exciting development, prominent digital modernization provider to the federal government, MindPetal, has announced its acquisition of VerticalApps, an Arlington-based provider of Intelligent Automation solutions. This strategic move aims to bolster MindPetal’s capabilities in the wide-ranging digital domain.

MindPetal’s Strategic Acquisition of VerticalApps

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for MindPetal as it strengthens its digital abilities in key areas such as Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). As part of this deal, VerticalApps, a specialist in Intelligent Automation and data management solutions, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of MindPetal, bringing with it a wealth of expertise and experience in serving organizations like the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, among others.

Implications for Leadership and Customers

Following the merger, VerticalApps’ key leadership including Will Choi, Michael Grace, and Paul Grace will join the MindPetal executive team. Choi will take on the role of COO, Paul Grace will be the new CFO, and Michael Grace will serve as the Senior VP for Program Delivery. MindPetal’s current COO, Michael Agrillo, will be the President of the combined company. MindPetal’s CEO, Sony George, is optimistic that this seasoned team will accelerate growth and deliver immediate value to their federal customers.

Becoming a Premier AI/ML Firm Post-Acquisition

Starting from November 1, the acquisition will enable MindPetal to accelerate Intelligent Automation and modernization programs with machine learning, predictive analytics, application/workflow modernization, and data science. The figurative amalgamation positions the firm to become a leading AI/ML entity. VerticalApps’ co-founder, Will Choi, expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of expanding their team and using AI to enhance digital experiences for federal leaders.

In summary, this acquisition is set to propel MindPetal into becoming a premier firm in the AI/ML space, backed by the combined intellectual potency of MindPetal and VerticalApps. This merger underscores MindPetal’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its federal customers. It’s indeed a significant step forward in the realm of digital modernization and AI.

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