Keeper Security and Pax8 to Offer Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions for MSPs

Pax8, the world’s favorite cloud marketplace for IT professionals, has partnered with Keeper Security to enhance its cybersecurity solutions, according to a press release by the company. The partnership aims to equip MSP partners and their customers with advanced, easy-to-use, and flexible cybersecurity solutions. Keeper Security is transforming the way people and organizations protect their passwords, confidential data, and sensitive information worldwide.

Keeper Security joins forces with Pax8 to enhance cybersecurity solutions

Keeper Security and Pax8 have joined forces to provide a distinctive and innovative cybersecurity strategy for mitigating password-related cybersecurity threats. According to Ryan Walsh, Chief Strategy Officer at Pax8, they are dedicated to equipping their MSP partners and their customers with advanced cybersecurity solutions such as Keeper Security. The partnership has set a new standard for security and raised the bar in security remarkably.

Features of KeeperMSP offering

Keeper Security’s MSP offering involves KeeperPAM™, Keeper Password Manager, Keeper Secrets Manager, Keeper Connection Manager, Compliance Reporting, KeeperChat®, Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module, BreachWatch®, and Secure File Storage. Designed exclusively for MSPs, KeeperMSP provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform enabling MSPs to protect their customers’ and their passwords and sensitive data in secure, encrypted vaults. MSPs can provision, manage, and audit all their customers from a central admin console, while still maintaining stringent privacy and security policies for all users.

Keeper Security’s zero-trust security model offers a new standard for cybersecurity

Keeper Security’s platform is one of the few cybersecurity platforms that uses a zero-trust and zero-knowledge security model, with a unique encryption and data segregation framework to protect against cyberattacks. The solution can be implemented within minutes and seamlessly integrates with any technology infrastructure to prevent security breaches, lower help desk costs, and ensure compliance with regulations. Keeper Security’s Chief Executive Officer, Darren Guccione, said their products would provide Pax8’s MSP partners with next-generation password, secret, privileged access, and connection management that is easy to deploy and can scale to businesses of any size.

In conclusion, this new partnership between Keeper Security and Pax8 will provide next-generation cybersecurity solutions that are easy to deploy and scale to businesses of any size. With security threats grabbing headlines worldwide, such partnerships show the need for secure cybersecurity solutions growing daily. This partnership will make cybersecurity accessible and easy to use, making it possible to maintain stringent privacy and security policies for all users while keeping passwords, sensitive data, and confidential information secure and protected.

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