Portworx Data Services and MongoDB Partner for Database Management Success

Pure Storage has announced a new partnership between its subsidiary, Portworx by Pure Storage, and MongoDB. The partnership includes an integration between Portworx Data Services and MongoDB, which aims to revolutionize how developers build modern applications. Enterprises can now integrate MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, a self-managed database, with Portworx for easier adoption in a private cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments.

Portworx by Pure Storage and MongoDB Announce Partnership

As databases scale with multiple deployment models, the DevOps teams tasked with managing database lifecycles are challenged by increased operational complexity as they manage the significant time and effort required to provision, set up, configure, and administrate database instances to build an enterprise platform. When developers choose additional data services for other use cases, these challenges only increase.

Benefits of Integration between Portworx Data Services and MongoDB

  • Automate MongoDB Lifecycle Management: Enterprises gain the unique ability to bring their own self-managed MongoDB database and have a fully managed cloud experience for on-premises deployments, reducing time to market for applications built on MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.
  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency: Enterprises can achieve significant infrastructure savings running MongoDB with just-in-time, automated, and thin provisioning. Additionally, with Portworx Data Services, organizations can manage their entire MongoDB data pipeline from one place, allowing teams to do more with their existing resources. There is no need for multiple platform specialists, reducing overall personnel costs associated with managing the platform.
  • Single Platform Interface Across Hybrid Environments: Using Portworx Data Services, enterprises can support, manage, and operate their entire MongoDB data pipeline. This includes development, testing, monitoring, quality assurance, and production, as well as all of the additional data services required to build an application across hybrid environments.

Executive Insight: The Future of Database-Platform-as-a-Service

MongoDB is excited about our new partnership with Portworx Data Services. Integrating MongoDB Enterprise Advanced with Portworx will accelerate time to value for development teams. By combining MongoDB’s document database and Portworx’s Database-Platform-as-a-Service, we’ve enabled today’s enterprises to meet the most demanding database requirements – all from a single management layer.

Lars Herrmann, VP of Partner Ecosystem at MongoDB

Speed and innovation are the principles that form the foundation of every strong development team, with the use of modern databases to build and deliver new, innovative applications driving a significant competitive advantage across industries. We’re excited to enable joint customers to eliminate the complexity and cost associated with managing modern databases and offer a single platform to manage multiple tools, portals, and distributed- and microservices- based applications using MongoDB.

Venkat Ramakrishnan, VP, Product Management and Engineering, Portworx by Pure Storage

The integration between Portworx Data Services and MongoDB creates a solution for developers to build and manage modern applications with ease, while reducing overheads, optimizing resources, and offering flexibility across platforms.


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