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LG Innotek Launches 2nd Generation ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ for Safer Autonomous Driving.

LG Innotek, a South Korean electronics company, has developed a new product, the ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’, which can support ultra-high-speed 5G vehicle communication. This new product is significantly improved with long-distance data transmission based on Qualcomm’s chip and V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology. 

LG Innotek develops 2nd generation ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’

The ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ by LG Innotek is a 5G mobile communication technology and component that supports the data transmission and reception on V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian), and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure). This technology is an essential element for safety in autonomous driving. This component is mounted mostly in the vehicle communication device inside the car or on the roof in the form of a module.

LG Innotek has launched the 2nd generation ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ that has quadrupled V2X data download speed from 35Mbps to 150Mbps, which is four times higher than before. The new module is half the size of a credit card and includes 800 components for 5G communication in one product, including the communication chip and memory. In addition, the LG Innotek team adopted the latest 5G standard (3GPP Release 16) from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project to strengthen the compatibility of the product. 

Importance of 5G technology for safety in autonomous driving

In the autonomous driving field, the immediate response to real-time changes in a situation is crucial for safety. The ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ is considered an essential element for autonomous driving safety because it can support long-distance data transmission and reception on the V2X technology. Most of the experts predict that the paradigm of the global automobile industry will soon adopt cellular modules based on 5G as opposed to based on LTE(4G). 

LG Innotek aims to commercialize ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ by 2025

LG Innotek is aiming to commercialize the 2nd generation ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ by 2025. The company is currently performing various promotional activities, not only in Korea but also on global automobile companies and automotive electronics makers in Europe, the USA, and Japan. Byaeng-kuk Yoo, the Vice President of Automotive Components & Electronics Business Unit, stated that “2nd generation ‘5G-V2X cellular Module’ will become a key component in opening the period of fully autonomous driving.” 

According to the market survey agency Techno System Research (TSR), the number of cars mounted with the 5G communication module globally is expected to increase from 1.7 million this year to 21.8 million by 2027. 

As LG Innotek seeks to become a total solution provider on future vehicles, the company will continue to introduce innovative products on electronic components for the future cars to create differentiated value for the customer. 

In conclusion, LG Innotek’s ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ is a significant advancement in autonomous driving safety. By improving the performance of 5G technology on the V2X platform, LG Innotek can help to minimize the high frequency 5G signal loss due to sunlight and heat, providing high-quality vehicle communication even in hot temperatures. LG Innotek’s commitment to developing innovative components for autonomous driving vehicles means that the company will continue to create differentiated customer value in the future.

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