Metaphysic’s CEO pioneers landmark win for AI rights

A historic event in the world of generative AI has taken place as Metaphysic CEO, Tom Graham, submitted his AI likeness for copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. This move has come as part of Metaphysic’s effort to establish individual ownership and control of their AI likenesses and biometric data. The hyperreal content powered by generative AI can make it seem like any individual is present and participating in a scene, without their consent. Graham’s act is a significant milestone in the quest for new intellectual property rights.

CEO of Metaphysic submits AI likeness for copyright registration

Graham has become the first person to submit to register his hyperrealistic AI-generated likeness with the U.S. Copyright Office. This registration emphasizes the increasingly blurred line between reality and computer-generated media. For Graham and Metaphysic, it is a crucial step forward in creating new intellectual property rights that should be available to enable individuals to keep control over their identities, biometric data, and privacy. The registration acts as an important tool to take action against unauthorized AI impersonations of the individual in the future.

Protecting individual rights and ownership with hyperrealistic AI

The process of producing AI likeness required Graham to record a three-minute video of himself on a mobile phone to capture his likeness. Metaphysic then used its industry-leading hyperreal generative AI tools to create the AI avatar of Graham. The creation of this avatar was completed after significant effort in creating and training the dataset with the team at Metaphysic to hone in on the perfect AI look. Graham and the team also composited and merged the AI model output into the underlying video to create a hyperrealistic AI version of himself. This move has positioned Metaphysic as an industry leader in developing generative AI technologies and machine learning research.

Metaphysic leads the way in generative AI and machine learning research

The generative AI pioneer, Metaphysic, was recently named as the official generative AI partner for Miramax’s forthcoming feature film “Here” and a strategic partner of Creative Artists Agency (CAA). The company’s cutting-edge proprietary technology has revolutionized the internet and entertainment by creating immersive, photorealistic content at internet scale. The team of machine learning researchers and generative AI pioneers behind Metaphysic is dedicated to building an ethical web3 economy where every person can own and control their biometric data while unlocking the future of creativity.

This move by Graham and Metaphysic in copyrighting the CEO’s AI likeness will carry significant implications for AI development, copyright law, privacy concerns, and the critical issue of gaining control over personal biometric data.


The registration of Graham’s AI likeness opens up a new framework for public figures and individuals to protect their identities, performances, and brands. As generative AI technologies continue to advance, data ownership and individual rights will be critical to their mass adoption. Metaphysic’s direction in developing new technologies undoubtedly shifts the future of entertainment and the internet, and the company remains poised to lead the way in the ongoing AI revolution.


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