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Transform Your Workplace Culture with Emtrain Analytics

Emtrain, an education technology company, has launched a new tool that enables employers to train employees on unconscious bias and harassment prevention while measuring these practices in the workplace. The tool, Emtrain Analytics, aims to help companies create a more respectful and inclusive work environment, while also offering managers a real-time heat map of behaviors that enhance productivity or cause attrition.

Emtrain Analytics: A New Technology for Workplace Respect & Inclusion

Unlike other harassment and diversity trainers, Emtrain Analytics can identify and measure skills, social issues, and EEO risk. It offers executives and team managers a real-time heat map of workplace behaviors. The technology, informed by Emtrain’s Workplace Social Indicators ™, scores 16 competencies and benchmarks them across Emtrain’s client base. This enables companies to proactively manage risk by predicting employee claims and attrition within specific workforce segments.

How Emtrain Analytics Measures Workplace Behaviors

Emtrain Analytics scores skills such as mitigating bias, valuing diversity, ensuring equity, and instilling accountability. It helps organizations create a measurable difference in business outcomes while increasing their ability to perform better in the future. The tool creates a respect and inclusion journey for employees, from growing awareness of social complexity in the workplace to building skills to engage productively. It measures growth step by step and tells managers which subgroups are having better – or worse – workplace experiences and where there is friction.

Emtrain Analytics: Creating Measurable Differences in Business Outcomes

Emtrain Analytics helps organizations crack the code for respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion. It creates a measurable difference in business outcomes while increasing the ability to perform better in the future. Emtrain uses academic research, as well as regulations and policies, to create eLearning that is both legally required and relevant and practical for the workplace. It partners with industry experts and uses current events to teach on topics such as sexual harassment, unconscious bias, diversity, equity, inclusion, and ethics. Emtrain’s innovative platform is used by more than 600 companies, including Cisco, Genentech, and Instacart.

Emtrain Analytics is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. Companies can use the tool to identify potential issues before they become toxic problems that destroy culture and become compliance issues. The tool’s real-time heat map helps managers monitor employee behavior and take appropriate action to maintain a healthy workplace culture.

In conclusion, Emtrain Analytics enables companies to ensure they create a respectful and inclusive work environment while measuring progress. The tool’s real-time heat map and ability to score competencies create a measurable difference in business outcomes while providing managers with the data they need to manage workforce risk effectively with confidence.

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