Revolutionizing Business Innovation with Data Timehouse on Azure

KX, a technology company, has announced the general availability of Data Timehouse platforms on Microsoft Azure. The new offering provides up to 100 times the performance and one-tenth of the cost of alternative solutions, accelerating AI, machine learning, and analytics for AI-driven business innovation.

KX Launches Data Timehouse on Microsoft Azure

The Data Timehouse platform is a new class of data and AI management platforms that enrich traditional data warehouse and lakehouse stores. The Microsoft Azure Data Timehouse is based on kdb Insights Enterprise and includes native support for Python, SQL, temporal analytics, and the ability to process time series data in real-time. It provides precision access to temporal data on real-time and massive historical datasets with the Azure native tools they use today.

Benefits of KX’s Data Timehouse Innovation with Azure

The KX Data Timehouse innovation with Microsoft is designed specifically to power any dynamically changing system that requires greater observability, such as generative AI, time-based data collection, simulation, and IoT-based systems. The new offering helps the enterprise to identify patterns, trends, and causality and make more accurate predictions based on what is happening in the moment.

Real-Time Deployment at Scale with KX Insights Enterprise on Azure

Kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure is designed for real-time deployment at scale, allowing businesses to deliver more insight from more data for a fraction of the cost. The innovation helps reduce risk, enabling data-driven decisions in real-time at the heart of every digitally transforming enterprise for better operational and commercial outcomes. The product will be targeting market data in financial services, network data in the telecoms industry, patient data in healthcare, and sensor data from factory equipment and smart energy meters.

As of now, kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure is available on the Azure Marketplace. The product will enable customers to contribute towards their organization’s Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), simplifying deployment, adoption, and billing. With this new offering, KX and Microsoft are working together to accelerate development of new technologies and data capabilities to unblock data access and compute challenges, compressing timeframes, and costs to help deliver even stronger results for customers.


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