Revolutionizing Investment Prep with TigerGPT: The First AI Assistant

Tiger Brokers has recently introduced TigerGPT, the first AI investment assistant in the brokerage industry. This new feature, which is currently in user testing and soon to be rolled out on the flagship platform Tiger Trade, aims to provide intelligent global investment decision-making support for users.

Introducing TigerGPT: The First AI Investment Assistant in the Industry

TigerGPT will leverage the company’s vast content library and expansive access to paid sources to offer timely and informative responses to users’ investment-related queries in easily digestible conversations within a span of seconds. The feature includes but is not limited to listed companies’ profiles and data, financial knowledge, and investor education materials, and stock and market insights. With this, users can save time spent on market research and improve their pre-investment preparation.

Time-Saving and Efficient: How TigerGPT Helps with Pre-Investment Preparation

TigerGPT has undergone extensive daily-basis training and is continually absorbing the latest market updates to ensure concise interactions. Tiger Brokers’ R&D team has developed self-owned meticulous classification and easy navigation of information, two key benchmarks that define its ever-improving R&D capabilities. The chatbot’s interactions are articulate, highly pertinent, and support users’ overall investing literacy.

Global Expansion and User Testing: Tiger Brokers’ Commitment to Innovation

To ensure a broader market reach, TigerGPT supports different languages other than English, Traditional Chinese, and Mandarin Chinese. Tiger Brokers’ commitment to facilitating global investing has placed innovation at the center of every step, offering the best possible user experience, investing literacy, and sense to smart investing. Furthermore, TigerGPT is currently undergoing user testing in selected markets, and Tiger Trade app users interested in the testing can join the waiting list via the in-app banner.

Disclaimer: The information provided by TigerGPT is for reference only and should not be used as financial advice as Tiger Brokers shall not be liable in any way in connection with the use of TigerGPT. It only provides information from open data sources and does not provide any recommendations. The Monetary Authority of Singapore has not reviewed the material outlined in this press release.

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