Say Goodbye to Online Fraud with Oscilar’s AI-Powered Protection

In the era of digital transactions, online fraud is becoming a significant challenge for businesses and consumers. However, a new company called Oscilar is addressing this issue with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company’s real-time platform is built to detect fraud and ensure online transactions are safe for both parties involved.

Introducing Oscilar: Protecting Online Transactions from Fraud

Oscilar is a revolutionary Silicon Valley-based fintech company that leverages AI to tackle the issue of online transaction fraud. Co-founded by Neha Narkhede and Sachin Kulkarni, the company aims to provide a comprehensive solution to credit and fraud risk. The team has been operating in stealth mode for two years, during which they developed a groundbreaking platform called ‘AI Risk Decisioning’. This platform is designed to fully automate decisions on credit and fraud risk in milliseconds, making online transactions significantly safer for companies and customers alike.

How AI Risk Decisioning Makes Online Transactions Safe and Instantaneous

Using its proprietary platform, Oscilar instantly analyzes every online transaction for fraud and risk factors. One of the fundamental principles of Oscilar’s AI Risk Decisioning is the “no-code” approach that helps eliminate the need for engineering support and overhead resources. As a result, it provides companies with a reliable and efficient solution to assess risk in every online transaction. This technology is the most advanced solution out there and is aimed at keeping both companies and customers safe.

The Benefits and Founders Behind Oscilar’s Unique Approach to Fraud Protection

Oscilar is self-funded with $20 million by its co-founders, who sought to quickly build and scale the company. The team behind this revolutionary platform is built from some of the best and brightest engineers and data scientists. Its founding leadership team includes Neha Narkhede, the co-creator of Apache Kafka and Confluent, and Sachin Kulkarni, a former executive at Facebook, who built Facebook’s private cloud, Facebook Live, and the backend of Facebook Messenger. Karthik Ramasamy, former lead of fraud and machine learning at Google and Uber, is now the fraud and machine learning lead at Oscilar and works on creating ML infrastructure and models to tackle various fraud problems.

With the market for risk protection valued at over $200 billion and growing, Oscilar is poised to become a market leader in the fintech industry. Oscilar’s technology is already being used by industry-leading fintech companies to help keep transactions safe and instantaneous.

The efficiency of Oscilar’s AI-powered platform in detecting fraud and assessing risk factors with no coding necessary has made it stand out in the industry. The company’s unique approach provides a comprehensive and efficient solution that is convenient for users and safe for businesses. With the protection of online transactions becoming more critical, Oscilar’s AI Risk Decisioning platform is sure to set the pace for reducing online frauds.

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