Revolutionizing Virtual Care: ThinkAndor® Empowers Care Teams with AI

ThinkAndor® is revolutionizing healthcare delivery with an intelligent virtual health platform that leverages AI to unlock intelligent clinical context. This innovative technology is transforming the way care is delivered and empowering care teams in real-time collaboration to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

ThinkAndor delivers intelligent virtual health with AI

ThinkAndor’s AI-powered technology improves patient care by unlocking relevant clinical content for expedited treatment. The platform uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to bring the power of ChatGPT to every virtual encounter. With this cutting-edge technology, care teams can deliver value-driven virtual health effectively anywhere with artificial intelligence curating clinical context in every virtual experience. By proactively curating relevant clinical content and interpreting specific intents from the provider to automatically generate orders, ThinkAndor® empowers care teams with intelligent clinical context that can lead to more effective virtual collaborations, which changes the nature of care delivery.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service improves patient outcomes

The collaboration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services provides ThinkAndor® with the foundation it needs to deliver its platform’s AI-powered solutions. By leveraging AI to improve the quality of care delivery, ThinkAndor® enables care teams to provide relevant content and an interactive experience that enhances patient engagement. Microsoft emphasizes that this alignment will augment human connection with automated communication and will help enhance patient engagement and care delivery, given that Andor Health has already delivered over 1.4 million virtual visits to hospitals and providers.

Andor Health enhances patient engagement with AI-powered virtual care

At Andor Health, the mission is to change the way care teams connect and collaborate. By harnessing machine and human intelligence, the company’s cloud-based platform unlocks data stored in electronic medical records to deliver real-time actionable intelligence to care teams inside and outside their enterprise. By optimizing communication workflows, Andor Health’s solutions accelerate time to treatment, decrease clinician burnout, and drive better patient outcomes. The AI-powered virtual care experience empowers care teams with the relevant clinical context that leads to better decision-making and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.

Visit Andor Health at HIMSS booth number 2875 to learn more about how AI-powered virtual care experiences™ can help improve patient outcomes.

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