Say Goodbye to Dark AR Images: Prazen’s Direct-Projection AR Glasses are Here!

In a recent announcement, Prazen has launched its latest augmented reality glasses based on Direct-Projection technology. Prazen’s AR optical module is unique and projects lights from micro display directly into the user’s eyes, delivering sharper and lighter AR images, with high light efficiency up to 50% and a wider field of view up to 70°.

Prazen Launches Revolutionary AR Glasses

Prazen’s AR glasses are one of a kind, surpassing the pre-existing AR glasses that use waveguides to minimise the size of AR optical modules, which imposes light loss and reduced diffraction efficiency. Prazen’s Direct-Projection based technology eliminates waveguides, producing higher light efficiency and a thinner combiner thickness up to about 2 mms.

Direct-Projection Technology and its Benefits

The Direct-Projection technology not only provides optimal light efficiency but also eliminates dark AR images that the user experiences when AR glasses based on waveguides are used. In addition, Prazen’s AR glasses eliminate cumbersome black panel frames and provide a wider projection viewing angle reaching up to 160 degrees, which exceeds the performance of its competitors by 6 times. Prazen’s technology enables the smallest optical module to have the widest projection viewing angle- a key factor for AR glasses. Prazen has used this optical technology to provide AR glasses and AR projectors for various applications in retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and more.

Prazen’s New AI Assistant Device

Prazen has also announced an AI assistant device that projects a 27-inch-sized image of an AI assistant human by voice recognition with a compact device, which they will exhibit in AWE 2023. The device with a throw ratio of about 0.1, allows larger images that can be used as an augmented reality display which can be seen without wearing AR glasses- by projecting AR images directly onto real-life objects. Prazen’s new AI assistant device features a convenient voice and finger touch interaction control and highest brightness standards of up to 1,000 lumen.

Prazen’s AR glasses and AI assistant device provide revolutionary technology and designs that lead to a better and seamless experience. Their Direct-Projection technology delivers high light efficiency with no dark AR images, while eliminating cumbersome panels, providing larger projection viewing angles, and a wider field of view. Prazen’s innovation and advanced technology in optics, projection and material technology are driving the shift to a new reality, and the possibilities that come with it are endless.


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