Top 5 cool augmented reality applications

We have already seen how augmented reality (AR) can impact our lives in the near future. However, a few of us know that it is not a future thing. Some AR applications are already up and running in the world. From boosting learning in students’ lives to simulating work outs and driving patterns AR applications are here. Let’s see the top 5 AR apps. Spoiler alert, you are not going to see PokemonGo.


With Amikasa you do not have to bother to imagine what the sofa you want to buy looks like in your living room. But how does such an app work? You just need to click on a product and instantly see it laid wherever you pint your device camera. This kind of technology will offer a complete new experience of design and house arranging. It will help customers get their house in place as best they can in virtually no time. There are already several mobile apps for these uses and the market is rapidly growing. Other similar apps include Ikea Place, Shopify AR and others.

Top 5 cool augmented reality apps


AR technology will simulate almost anythings, not only house layout. Even with, clothes, for example, which you can always try on but also with something you can’t really try on recklessly like tattoos. This app lets you try out tattoos without going under the needle. You can even load your own designs into the app, or pre-made artworks to see how they fit on you. The app initally allowed only black and white ink but later added all the colors. Other apps like this, but for clothes, include PICTOFit or Forma.

Top 5 cool augmented reality apps

Google Lens

Google’s not joking around when it comes to the best AR apps. Google Lens is the latest step of the Google Goggles concept. In fact, the search engine giant uses the power of its computing cloud to help identify text, images, objects and landmarks in your pictures in order to get more information instantly out of it.

Top 5 cool augmented reality apps

The app is available in an indipendent version in Android, and is also integrated into the latest versions of Google Photos as well as the Google app for iOS.

Mission to Mars

This is not the title of an Elon Musk movie, maybe one day. Stepping foot on the Moon was awesome but nowadays humanity’s sight is set on the red planet. Mission to Mars gives you a glimpse of what it might be like to be taking a walk on Mars. It also gives an idea on how we are exploring that planet in terms of the technologies used.

Top 5 cool augmented reality apps

There are videos to watch and educational bits to read, but the AR experiences are far more interesting. You can stare goggle-eyed at a rocket launch, attempt to control a terrifying landing sequence, or step on to Mars through a virtual portal. Other apps which give an educational experience might include StarWalk 2, Night Sky and Night View Free which give you an idea of what you are looking at in the sky.

Complete Anatomy Platform 2020

This app is massive and it requires 1.5GB to work. Not to mention at least 3GB of free space to update. This is one of the best 3D anatomy platforms for high-quality learning. It is so good that it is used by more than 250 different universities worldwide. It has more than 17 thousand structures of the human body. You will enjoy excellent image quality. The app has 3D models of all organs. You can thoroughly study all of them. Open the muscle topic and you will see their structure and biomechanics in real-time. You can also learn and study all types of human tissues. These types of apps will dramatically improve studying conditions for students, especially those who are visual learners. In fact, with about 1500 videos this app can pretty much show its users everything they are reading.

Top 5 cool augmented reality apps

Other versions similar to such apps focus more on specific areas like the bones or organs, such as Skeleton 3D Anatomy and Organs 3D.

I hope you liked our top 5 cool AR apps, to the next update!

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