Seeed Studio’s Latest Advanced Perception System Driving Digital Transformation for Industries

Seeed Studio, the IoT hardware partner for digital transformation, has unveiled its advanced perception system that provides a breakthrough in data-driven insights to drive growth. The CEO Eric Pan believes that the combination of sensing and computing tools can enable businesses to gain better information and make smarter decisions. Seeed Studio showcased its latest products, including a SenseCAP Sensor Builder, a SenseCAP Tracker for indoor and outdoor location data, a series of maintenance-free and compact weather sensors, the reTerminal DM for digital systems, and Solution Builder software for hardware deployment.

Advancements to Note

  • SenseCAP Sensor Builder: A feature-rich sensor that can handle challenging conditions and comes with an IP66 enclosure, RS485 interface, and cloud synergy for developers.
  • SenseCAP Tracker: An ultra-low power device for assets and personnel tracking, accurate and secure location data indoors and outdoors, has a credit card size.
  • Maintenance-free Weather Sensor: Seeed Studio introduces a series of weather sensors that are compact, reliable, and maintenance-free. The sensors are calibrated in a wind tunnel and can generate up to 80m/s wind.
  • reTerminal DM: A Raspberry Pi CM4-powered device for distributed digital systems, leverages computing, storage, communication, and interaction capabilities to unify data flow and automate workflows.
  • Solution Builder: A software suite for system integrators to manage complex hardware and enroll multiple devices into digital solutions without any codes. Solution Builder streamlines device deployment, data management, and workflow.

One exciting innovation is the Proof of Location LoRaWAN Tracker, which uses tamper-proof decoding via Semtech LoRa Cloud and data transmission via Helium’s decentralized network, to track and provide accurate indoor and outdoor location data. Moreover, Seeed Studio’s contribution to blockchain-based physical infrastructure includes hardware devices to build a decentralized network, collect reliable data, and create computing infrastructure for Web3.

Application to Vertical Industries

The company also demonstrated how its products are applied in vertical industries through a smart chicken farm that uses wireless sensors to collect temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia, and light data. The data is used to automatically control ventilation and lighting systems, train models, and detect anomalies, enabling timely interventions to ensure animal health and production.

In conclusion, Seeed Studio’s latest products provide a scalable and efficient solution for digital transformation, making technological innovations more accessible and applicable to industries. Seeed Studio invites global developers to co-create and scale up solutions together with their hardware services of prototyping, customization, manufacturing, and global distribution.

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