Synkrato’s AI and Digital Twin Solutions Revolutionize Warehouse Management

Synkrato, a logistics platform with a focus on Digital Twin, AI-Driven Logistics, and other innovations, recently rolled out an update with significant enhancements to its slotting algorithm.

Synkrato’s Technology

The new feature enables warehouse digital twins to integrate with the engine and perform slotting and re-slotting. The collaborative ecosystem offers streamlined warehouse  efficiency and simplifies logistics management, thereby promoting resiliency and innovation across the supply chain. According to Amin Sikander, President of Synkrato, “The key to supply chain resilience and innovation is to simplify transformative technologies.”

Moreover, the solution optimizes available resources by providing optimal slotting recommendations in real-time. This can have a significant impact on warehouse management, as rising rents and capacity constraints continue to challenge firms searching for ways to get the most out of their existing industrial spaces. Additionally, the dynamic digital twin simplifies slotting and supports agile strategies by removing bottlenecks, streamlining putaway, and more.


Synkrato’s software can recommend where to store products based on sales history, forecast, and staging distance to reduce costs and order-preparation time, all from the digital twin interface. Its AI-powered slotting algorithm uses real-time warehouse data insights to provide ongoing slot recommendations for all incoming and outgoing orders. The technology makes optimizing available resources extremely user-friendly and simple.

This solution can help firms get the most out of their scarce resources by providing ‘smart’ slotting recommendations. This will only become more crucial as warehouse space and labor availability remain at a premium across several parts of the US. Synkrato’s technology simplifies transformative technologies and promotes resiliency across the supply chain, making it an essential tool for warehouse management businesses planning on staying competitive.

ProMat 2023

Synkrato’s Digital Twin and AI-Driven Logistics solutions will be showcased at ProMat 2023 in Chicago. The company is also proud to announce that it was selected as a finalist for the Best IT Innovation award, an industry accolade presented by MHI to recognize innovative supply chain products. Attendees can visit Synkrato at booth #N6256 to learn more on this promising technology.

In conclusion, Synkrato’s AI and Digital Twin Solutions are a promising innovation in the logistics industry. The company’s Digital Twin and slotting updates can help warehouse managers streamlines operations effectively without requiring a high level of IT skills. The software makes slotting more dynamic and agile while improving operational efficiency overall.

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