Text-to-3D Capabilities: Synthesis AI’s Synthesis Labs

Synthesis AI has introduced its new platform, Synthesis Labs, which aims to demonstrate new generative AI capabilities and enable the development of text-to-3D technologies, with a focus on digital humans. Synthesis AI is the first company to showcase text-to-3D digital human synthesis in high-resolution, cinematic quality.

Synthesis AI Unveils Revolutionary “Synthesis Labs”

The new platform from Synthesis AI is designed to showcase advanced capabilities and enable the development of text-to-3D technologies. Synthesis Labs will feature prompt-based input and editing, making the no-code 3D generative AI capabilities more accessible to all experience levels. This ground-breaking innovation supports advanced AI applications across industries and use cases, unlocking new opportunities for AR/VR, gaming, VFX, smart cities, VTON, automotive, and industrial and manufacturing simulations.

Next-Generation AI Tools: Text-to-3D Capabilities

Synthesis AI uses generative AI and cinematic VFX pipelines to produce perfectly labeled synthetic data to train ML models. The latest text-to-3D offerings, featured in Synthesis Labs, are the next step in the company’s vision for simulating and synthesizing the world, with the aim of enabling customers to incorporate high-resolution 3D digital humans quickly and cost-effectively.

Future of AI: Simulating the World with Synthesis AI

Synthesis Labs represents a major breakthrough for the next generation of generative AI tools. The no-code 3D generative AI capabilities supporting text-to-3D enable deep-expertise CV/ML engineers and non-technical, non-developer users to develop digital humans, places or objects quickly, cost-effectively and across a broad range of use cases. Synthesis AI helps customers accelerate development cycles, lower costs, and build ethical, privacy-compliant AI.

The newest text-to-3D capabilities are the natural next step in Synthesis AI’s journey to support advanced AI applications. The new Synthesis Labs platform and text-to-3D digital human capabilities will be available to a select group of beta testers starting in Q2.

This breakthrough advances Synthesis AI’s mission to enable enterprise, industrial and public sector customers to simulate reality by synthesizing any person, place or object, making it a leader in applied generative AI. Synthesis AI has been at the forefront of generative AI innovation since 2019, spearheading the effort to introduce synthetic data as a foundational element of ML model training.

Overall, the latest text-to-3D offerings represent the broadest and deepest offerings of human-centric synthetic data, enabling customers to develop high-quality digital human models at scale, with the aim of transforming the way the world interacts with technology.

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