5 Promising businesses that will revolutionize Fintech in Berlin

As you might know that Germany is a Fintech powerhouse and as Berlin is the capital city and home to many such companies that help in funding Fintech powerhouse. From the last year, January 2019 to August 2020 approximately $2.2B was invested into the German Fintech sector. 

4 5 Promising businesses that will revolutionize Fintech in Berlin

According to a report, in Germany, Fintech funding has increased day by day. Alongside the increase in the funding of the Fintech sector. The average worth of the deals has also been rising. Started from $5M in the year 2015 ended up changing into $24M till the end of 2019.

Over the past 5 years, the German Fintech sector has continuously gained the trust of new and old investors and has been growing in a truly good aspect.

Also, 5 new startups are assuredly going to revolutionize the German Fintech sector completely. Let’s find out what these startups are about.

What businesses are actually helping to revolutionize the German Fintech sector?


Nufin is a berlin-based startup founded by Ante Krsanac and Anton Rummel in the year 2019. The Nufin is simple but is surely a mind changer startup. The goal of Nufin is to provide financial services that will entirely change the thinking of businesses about liquidity and payments.

It surely creates flexibility; the German Fintech sector provides some services that continuously check the financial data of the customers and help them in simplifying their bookings and managing their expenses via credit card.


Vantik is a Berlin-based startup founded in the year 2019 by Til Klein and Lara Haemmerle. The following startup has the funding of 2.2M Euros.

As you all know that everybody has to retire at some point and nowadays it’s not something that people are most proud of but have you ever thought about retiring and living your life with a better pension and without any annoyance? That is what the Vantik is about. They help people save their hard-earned money so that they can retire in peace. 

The company is backed by strong investors so that you don’t have to be concerned about your savings.

The bambus-io is a Berlin-based startup that is a fintech provider of liquidity solutions. Started in the year 2019 by Pattrick Wollner and Franz Hoerhager. The business has the funding of 100k Euros. 

It’s basically a digital platform for the real estate owners. The company’s goal is to provide investment strategies to its users so that they can have the solutions to their financial and investment problems with ease.

Matter Labs

Matter labs is also a Berlin-based startup. Founded by Alex Gluchowski and Alexandr Vlasov in the year 2019. The startup’s basic motto is to increase mass adoption in public blockchains. It’s an R&D company basically focused On ZKRPs (Zero-Knowledge proofs) and also on the public blockchains practical applications. was founded in the year 2019 by Eric Lange, Andreas Schroeter and Carolin Gabor. The business’s funding is up to 10M Euros. 

It basically is a financial platform that has launched the insurance car comparison just in when the startup was established. The users can easily compare and find the best car insurers among all the car insurance providers with ease.

Final Verdict

Concerned about the businesses that will revolutionize the German Fintech sector? Throw all your concerns away. We are here to help you and answer all your questions about the promising startups that are surely going to help in revolutionizing the Fintech sector.

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