A floating Apple store in Singapore

Apple stores are always a breathtaking place to visit, the appliances, the glow, the atmosphere over there overall is so lightening and neat. 

But what if we tell you that Apple tried out a varied approach with its vibrant store in Singapore? Just like every other business suffered from corona virus, so did Apple, but they didn’t let the failure affect their incredible marketing techniques. One great example is the floating Apple store in Singapore

5 1 A floating Apple store in Singapore

What is it? Is it a floating platform? 

There is a colorful orb-like structure floating on the skyline of the fabulous marina bay sands hotel. It’s not an alien spaceship or a decorative balloon. 

But it is the new floating Apple store in Singapore! Even talking about it makes me feel like visiting a candy shop! 

What do we know about it yet? 

There is not much that we can tell about the orb because it’s not yet open to the public, but Apple announced that it would be opening very soon. 

There is no real info about what the interior is like, but you could judge how it would be just by assessing the work done on the exterior. 

Floating Apple store singapore

Although there are some little glimpses of what the interior would be like in the video provided on their official floating store website. 

The orb is reportedly made up of just glass; maybe you would be able to enjoy the view when you are inside. 

One more breaking knowledge about the orb is the way you would get in; there would be an underwater pavilion with a boardwalk that would be elevated. This means a passage from under the water, imagine the course being transparent and you being able to see around in the water! 

Why is this orb so beneficial? 

You might be thinking that apart from being an extraordinary Apple store, what more is this or doing? Well, then you haven’t seen the night shots yet. 

  • It’s increasing the beauty worth of Singapore because this is the first floating Apple store so that it would have the attention. Sorry standard Apple stores, it’s the orb’s time to shine. 
  • More attention towards the orb and increased overall beauty means increased tourism, which would benefit the country and the business around the floating store. It will also increase tourism because people around the world will visit the country to see the floating store. 
  • But the benefit is not just to the surroundings; Apple would also benefit generously from this innovative idea because let’s be real here, once the customers are inside the orb, the products will play their part of impressing them in an instant. 

Final thoughts:

Apple has always been on the top when it comes to marketing in innovative techniques, and this floating orb is one of them. 

We are sure that Apple Singapore would benefit charitably from this new body. Would you visit the store if you got a chance to? Or do you think it’s a waste of space? 

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