AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022

AI startup KLleon is a tech culture AI startup headquartered in South Korea. It has managed to quadruple its corporate value in two months. KLleon also became the only company in the world that has won two innovation awards in the CES 2022 in the software & mobile app category. According to this achievement, KLleon is about to expand to the global marketplaces in the United States.

KLleon has won a number of prestigious awards, including two CES 2022 Innovation Awards. KLleon is the only company in the world to win 2 of the 31 awards in the software & mobile app category. Furthermore, KLleon won the 3rd place in the LG CONNECT IR Pitching Competition. Moreover, it won the Deep Change Award (1st place) at the Try Everything event.

AI startup KLleon

Investment and Expansion Details of the AI startup KLleon

Last August, KLleopn got investment worth $1.7 million from Kakao. After that, it has succeeded in additional investment from big enterprises including CJ ENM(an entertainment and mass media company established by the CJ Group), LG Electronics, Hyundai Corporation. Its innovative and creative AI Deephuman technology is the reason for KLleon’s success. This technology allows users to create their customized videos and avatars easily with a single touch only with one photo and 30-second voices.

KLleon established KLleon Japan this year and accelerates to enter the U.S. market early next year. KLleon was the only one to win two innovation awards in the software & mobile app category of the CES. Considering that it is the first time for KLleon to participate in the CES, it is unusual KLleon is the only one in the world to win 2 of the 31 awards in the software & mobile app category. The CES’s Innovation Award is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

Products of the AI startup KLleon in highlight

There are three main products of KLleon the CES has admired.

AI startup KLleon
The three products of KLleon – KAMELO, KLling, and, KLone


kamelo logo AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022

First is the CES innovation winner KAMELO. KAMELO is a video sharing social media platform. Here, users can become the main character in the movie with a single touch without filming. They can create virtual humans by applying new faces, and change scenarios in the video. It was highly praised for being able to easily create its own virtual humans. Moreover, it garnered appriciation for presenting a new vision for the future metaverse ecosystem.

Features of KAMELO

  • Make your own video content in real-time

The users can create their own creative videos with the use of “Deep Human” technology. With this, the face and the voice of the person in the video can be changed with just one photo and 30 seconds of voice data. 

  • Use various functions to make video

Various technologies enable the users to swap the face and voice, and try putting on makeup. And future updates will bring technologies that will enable the users to change body shape, move objects in the video around and change background.

  1. View changed videos
  2. Change : change a person’s face and voice in the original video
  3. New face : Mix 2 to 12 faces to create a new virtual face
  4. Make up : Put on the make up
  5. Video sharing : Video sharing through DM and other SNS platforms
  • Share and communicate through videos

Users are allowed to share and communicate new and interesting contents that are not seen in existing services through DM and other social media platforms.

AI startup KLleon


KLone logo AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022

While KAMELO is a social media platform, KLling and KLone provide realistic solutions that are more associated with our daily lives.

Second product, KLone is a user-customizable AI virtual chatbot. Here the users can video chat with their own-created virtual character.

Furthermore, KLone is a user-custom virtual AI chatbot. It provides video chats with tailored virtual humans applying images and voices that match clients’ brands. Since it is a virtual person, it enables to set not only gender and occupation but also body type and voice. Also, it provides six languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, etc. It can be used in a wide range of ways, including virtual counselors, guides, show hosts, and cafe part-timers.

Features of KLone

  • Customize your own virtual chatbot

KLone lets you create a virtual character that fits your preference that you could select the occupation, hairstyle, gender, body type of the character you want to create. 

  • Make it with minimal data

Deep Human technology is utilized to enable anybody to create tailored virtual chatbot quickly with little data. One photo and 30-seconds of voice are enough to make your virtual character. You can create virtual faces to represent your brand quickly and easily.

  • Innovate various industries

KLone can be a secretary introducing your company, representative in charge of CS, your personal tutor, a show host, and etc. Over 7000 gestures are ready and it could express thousands of gestures without filming.

  • Various device compatibility 

KLone is compatible with all devices such as mobile apps, PC, tablets and kiosks etc.

2. KLone Image AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022


KLling logo AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022

KLling is an automatic dubbing solution that dubs the original languages of the video in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English. For example, Korean content is translated into English in English-speaking countries and Chinese in the Chinese region, allowing the voice in the video to be embodied as it is. Moreover, it was highly praised for its contribution to the globalization of regional content and breaking down language barriers by providing a new level of dubbing service that complements the shortcomings of dubbing and subtitles.

Features of KLling

  • Reduce steps of existing dubbing process

KLling uses the voice in the user’s native language and also syncs the voice with the character’s lips shape to eliminate the awkwardness of dubbing. KLling can significantly reduce the time and cost that take for translating foreign content in many fields that include video content such as video game, movie, social media, news, etc. 

✦ 3 easy steps to dubbing video to multi-language

  1. Upload video
  2. Select language to change
  3. Voice training and change language
  • Create multi-language voices using original actor’s voice

KLling enables the characters in a video to speak directly in the language the user wants. KLling analyzes the original actor’s voices with just 30 seconds of voices, and learns the pronunciation and intonation of different languages. The characters in the video will then speak in the learned voice.

  • Match the lip movements to the sound

KLling can sync the lips not only in 4 languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English), but also other sounds such as dog barking. It can match sound with lip movements to provide optimal conditions for users to watch videos in their mother language. KLling can break the language barriers.

3. KLling Image AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022

KLlone, a user-custom virtual AI chatbot and KLling, an automatic dubbing solution will be released in Q2 next year.

Team Leadership

CEO Seunghyuk Jin AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022
Seunghyuk Jin, Co-founder and CEO 

Seunghyuk Jin, Co-founder and CEO has both skills and experience in diverse fields such as technology, business, and content. He graduated from a science high school. Also, he majored in fusion electronics, which enabled him to have a high understanding of technology. He developed business skills by leading numerous teams through various start-up experiences. Including experience in operating home interior b2c services with annual sales of 5 million dollars.

Jisu Kang is the Co-founder and CRO of the startup. He graduated from a science high school with Seunghyuk and he has a master’s degree in  KAIST, Department of Electrical and Electronics. Prior to running KLleon, Jisu was an AI Researcher in Aizen Global that operates AI Operating System in Finance.

Initiating participation in the CES, we will pave the way for full-fledged global expansion. We will participate in various international conferences such as Dubai Expo, Spain’s MWC, and Japan’s ILS, showing the potential of Korean startups on the global stage.

Seung Hyuk Jin, the CEO of KLleon

History of the AI startup KLleon

KLleon was founded in 2019 as a tech culture startup that leads the cultural industry with AI deep learning generation technology.

KLleon’s first product, video-sharing social media app KAMELO  was launched in July 2021 and has more than 10,000 app downloads. The second product, user-custom AI virtual chatbot ‘KLone’ and the third product, automatic dubbing solution ‘KLling’ will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

In 2021, KLleon participated in MPAI-MMC Framework Licence. It is an International standard patent on mouth shape synthesis and face creation standard. It is for recognizing language, analyzing emotions, making answers, converting them into voices, and finally creating the faces of a speaker when a person speaks.

KLleon has offices in South Korea and Japan and plans to move its headquarters to the U.S. in the second half of 2022.

Team 2 AI startup KLleon gets recognized at CES 2022

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