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Global Media Awards 2023: K-Start-ups shine at CES

On January 7, the K-Start-ups attending the Consumer Entertainment Show, or CES in Las Vegas were awarded with the Global Media Awards 2023. They were selected in advance by press media from Europe, South Korea, Japan and the US as outstanding domestic innovators in attendance of the event. The awards were given based on the competitiveness, how likely they are to successfully enter the global market, how marketable they are and the investment value. The ceremony was held in the K-Startup Joint Pavilion.

image Global Media Awards 2023: K-Start-ups shine at CES
The winners of the BEST of CES/Global Media Awards 2023, at the K-Startup Joint Pavilion

The winners of the Global Media Awards 2023

This year, the size of CES grew by an amazing 50% compared to 2022, with more than 2,800 companies attending from 173 countries around the world. The main themes of the technology exhibition were digital healthcare, a field with much interest surrounding it, in the wake of the recent epidemic, Web 3.0, the Metaverse, and automotive displays. The overarching motto was to promote sustainability as well as human security for all through the many innovations presented. 2023 marks the first year that such an emphasis was placed in terms of a theme for CES.

Speeches, among others, from CEO of AMD Lisa Su, Chairman of BMW Oliver Zipse and John C. May, CEO of John Deere, added much interest to the event. At the world’s largest technology fair, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, the competition for the Global Media Awards 2023 is the most challenging it can be. But without further anticipation, here are the winners, as chosen respectively:

Startupworld’s Global Media Awards 2023 nominee: Nuvilab

Nuvilab showcased their visions for the future of diet healthcare. They have participated at CES for three years, with 2023 being the first year that they set up a dedicated booth. This booth was dedicated to solutions pertaining to food technology, digital healthcare and sustainability, the latter two subjects coinciding nicely with the theme that CES 2023 had determined for the fair.

CES is an opportunity that Nuvilab hopes will help their entry into the global market. At the fair, they presented their “AI Food Scanner”, a service for the management of the diet of people with chronic health conditions, a mobile food diary, food scanning APIs, and an infant growth management solution.
As Nuvilab has shown, they have much to add to the sector of digital healthcare, and in triumphing at the Global Media Awards 2023, they leave us in anticipation for more!

Picked by Le Café du Geek: Dongnamrealize

What is the greatest setback of working with wood? While it is a resilient natural material suited to a multitude of purposes, the first issue that comes to mind is probably its liability to catch fire easily. The second Global Media Awards 2023 winner, Dongnamrealize, has turned this disadvantage around, and introduced its flame-retardant wooden extension cord at the fair.

This product, which is remarkably user-friendly, has successfully passed a high-temperature flame-test, and the result has been that no toxicity was emitted during the trials that involved fire that could occur in the daily life of users. The high-temperature tests were also passed successfully, and the CXP Flame-retardant Grade Products were showcased at CES 2023.

The main objective of Dongnamrealize is to decrease the amount of plastic we use, as well as toxic fumes. The facilities used for creating comparable plastic products could, with the services of Dongnamrealize, instead make flame-retardant CXP wood very soon!

Huenit, as awarded by Aving News

Huenit showcased its Modular Robot Arm powered by Artificial Intelligence. The high-precision modular robot can then be employed for makers and automation systems. It features laser sculpting, vision by means of artificial intelligence, a robotic gripper enabling it to write and draw functions as well as perform 3D printing.

The product is highly adaptable and customizable, allowing for a multitude of development environments such as Python, Arduino (C++) programming and block coding. Users are able to be a part of the whole process of artificial intelligence training with Tensorflow, using an AI accelerator built into the camera module. The functions are beginner-friendly, easily learned and applied through the Huenit software platform.

Pulse9, awarded by Geekazine

Global Media Awards 2023 winner as awarded by Geekazine, Pulse9 created “Eternity”, a virtual human group made by their Deep Real AI. Their technology quickly creates high quality modeling. The product of this is able to perform basic activities, talk and act, while advanced technology even enables more complex activities such as mukbangs for instance.

Sevenpointone, nominated by GadgetTouch

The Global Media Awards 2023 nominee and winner Sevenpointone was showcasing their AI-based testing service that operates without contact. AlzWIN can be done in no more than two minutes, and immediately determines the risk of possible cognitive decline in subjects of advanced age. This simple solution enables the user to periodically check their abilities and relative health status, with the easily available solution and within a short amount of time.

The final Global Media Awards 2023 winner: PRENEU, nominated by Technewszone

PRENEU showcased their drone Ruepel, a new model that stands out for its easy portability and long flight capability, up to 90 minutes. A helicopter-type, it resembles in essence a 7-foot-long helicopter that is convenient to store and assemble. The portable case can be taken anywhere, whenever the drone is needed, and operated even in trying weather conditions.

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