Innopresso launches kickstarter for TouchPad Keyboard

Pangyo Techno Valley represented as Asia’s Silicon Valley is a business platform where companies with innovative products and technologies are gathered. With more than 1,300 companies in the IT, CT, and BT, Pangyo Techno Valley is a land of opportunity for startups where ideas come true quickly. One of them is Innopresso, which recently launched its independently developed Touchpad Convergence Keyboard Mokibo Folio in the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. 


Innopresso to launch on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

On July 21, Mokibo Folio, a touchpad convergence keyboard developed by Innopresso (CEO Cho Eun-hyeong), was launched on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Mokibo Folio, introduced by Innopresso at Kickstarter, is a typing cover keyboard for iPad with the improved modules to improve the key and touch sensitivity that targets.


“The smart mode switching algorithm and motion recognition technology creates a large touchpad on an existing keyboard, waiving the need for a separate touchpad and mouse, thus increasing the space utilization,” said CEO Cho Eun-hyeong of Innopresso. In the market where two trillion won worth of new market for is being created every year. The launch of the iPad typing cover type Mokibo Folio is sure to increase Innopresso’s global recognition. Innopresso has already succeeded in funding worth 600 million won with Mokibo on Indigogo. And is aiming for higher amount with Kickstarter. 

The product that fulfills all the requirements of a portable keyboard

Mokibo, the older model of Mokibo Folio was first developed in 2015 and launched in 2019, putting five years of work and passion into it. Innopresso received the Prime Minister’s Award at the 2019 Korea Mobile Technology Awards with it. Mokibo is not only thin and light because the keyboard and touchpad are not separated, but it also saves time by moving between the keyboard and the mouse by 24%. Because of this, it minimizes the movement of the arm and force to the shoulder, thus reducing the muscle strain, explains Cho. 

Cho had previously worked at LG Electronics Patent Center. And, by looking at people at the meeting room with the laptop, mouse, and memo pad in limited space making them uncomfortable, he thought that it would be good if people can use the mouse over the keyboard. So, he started to work on commercializing this idea, and successfully made a prototype of an optical keyboard as the government support project. This was the start of Mokibo, and since then, 47 patents have been filed and 22 have been registered in Korea, the US, China, Japan, and Europe. 

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Cho said, “At first, most experts were not optimistic about Mokibo due to high cost and lack of technology. But after five years, Mokibo was commercialized, and as the performance improved, Mokibo became the experience that made my dream come true.”

Innopresso expand to B2B business with large laptop manufacturers 

At first, he thought of creating a portable keyboard, but it was reborn as the product that fully reflects the market trend that requires various features in a compact size. Mokibo is the portable keyboard that best meets the needs of the users. Innopresso has made the 1st-gen keyboard and 2nd and 3rd-gen touchpad modules. Currently, it has developed the keyboard module for laptops for enterprise use, and is expanding the B2B business. 

Innopresso has joined forces with a Taiwanese company that supplies half of the keyboards that go into the major laptops of the world. Supplying Mokibo keyboard modules to companies like HP and Lenovo. They are currently preparing for the production of compact Mokibo module samples that be used in the HP laptops that will be launched in 2022. When it passes the test, it will be mass produced in 2022. And the initial quality will be at least 500,000 units. The production can be increased to one to two million units. 

Pangyo is a land of blessing!

In Silicon Valley the world revolves around the founders. Talented people gather in Silicon Valley to capture the global market with innovative services and brilliant products. However, recently, as countries around the world are learning about Silicon Valley’s venture ecosystem. And trying to integrate this into their own countries, some people say that you don’t have to start your business in Silicon Valley to succeed. In Korea, Pangyo Techno Valley referred to as Asia’s Silicon Valley. Thus is actively helping the growth of potential startups and entrance to the global market. And acting as a global business hub for Korea’s leading innovation companies.

CEO Cho found out about Pangyo Techno Valley as he looked for a decent office space with the consideration for high growth potential. He the was selected to join the startup fostering program, and entered the Born2Global Center Pangyo Startup Campus. Along with the clean facilities and office space, Born2Global Center provides comprehensive support for the companies to enter the global market. Pangyo Techno Valley is the land of blessing. 

You can find the Kickstarter campaign right there.

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