Nexon’s newest cross-platform MMORPG game V4 launched on mobile and PC!

Nexon’s newest cross-platform MMORPG game V4 was launched on mobile and PC on July 23. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, V4 challenges players to save Syllunas, a once paradisal land that is now being threatened by demonic forces led by the villainous Guardion and the once-mighty Scoria Knights.

V4 Key Art 960x290 1 Nexon’s newest cross-platform MMORPG game V4 launched on mobile and PC!

6 Classes in V4 MMORPG

Six offense-focused classes, Enchantress, Slayer, Knight, Warlord, Gunslinger and BoomBlade can be used to inflict blow to deal maximum damage and destruction as players navigate through the adventure-packed environment. They can form powerful alliances and explore realms, and play in player versus player or player versus environment (PvPvE) to conquer the battlefield as they advance in the game.

There are over 50 customization options, so players can personalize characters with lustrous weapons and armor to aid them in battle and unlock their true potential. With a player-driven marketplace, V4 invites players to experience an open world adventure that allows them to indulge in the immersive world of Syllunas at any time, at home or on the go, with players all across the world.

In celebration of V4’s grand launch, there will be many global events available. Players who login daily and meet certain conditions will acquire various launch rewards. Additionally, there will be a special guild event where guild players who join forces to defeat boss monsters together on the field, will be able to share rewards with other guild members.

All players who signed up for pre-registration will now be able to claim unique rewards, which include a Limited Edition Mount Costume – Poipong, 100,000 Gold, Area Teleportation Scrolls X15, Lesser Blessing Potions X10, and Gourmet Bento Chests X200.

V4 Logo Nexon’s newest cross-platform MMORPG game V4 launched on mobile and PC!

V4 is now available globally with the exception of Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. Nexon is a Korean Startup from the Pangyo region.


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