MOPIC Co reinterprets Gaudi’s ‘Casa Batlló’ architecture as immersive content

Casa Batlló, world-famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will exhibit immersive content in ‘Exhibition Area 10’ with MOPIC’s Lightfield 3D signage. Visitors will be able to see the decorations on the high roof, which are difficult to see in reality, or the exterior facades with realistic 3D signage.

MOPIC’s Lightfield 3D signage simultaneously displays footageor graphics taken from multiple locations in real-time with a software that combines them onto a single display. In principle, a special optical lens attached to the front of the displaycontrols the intensity and direction of the display light, enabling it to show parallax and three-dimensional effects. 

PICTURE1.MOPIC Lightfield 3D Signage installed inside Casa BatlloExhibition Space No. 10png MOPIC Co reinterprets Gaudi’s ‘Casa Batlló' architecture as immersive content

I was surprised to experience a three-dimensional effect from the digital signage because it looks just like a regular screen. I think the cute shapes protruding out of the screen will remind visitors of this fresh experience and the beauty of the facade for a longer time.

A visitor at Casa Batlló remarked

Digital art with a deep dimensional effet – MOPIC

The MOPIC system can provide a deep sense of space inside the screen and a three-dimensional effect that comes out of the screen without wearing VR glasses, so it is highly utilized in digital art and immersive advertising. In addition, it can accurately recognize objects and spaces, so it is useful in fields such as endoscopic surgery and remote control of heavy equipment that require quick responses while watching an image.

Since the second half of last year, MOPIC has applied their Lightfield 3D signage to Westfield Glories, a large shopping mall in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and also demonstrated the Lightfield 3D system for remote monitoring in collaboration with Finnish heavy equipment company Karmar and telecommunication company elisa.

Meanwhile, MOPIC is a participating company in the ‘Incheon Airport 3K+ Startup Incubation Project’, supported by Incheon Technopark (Incheon TP), and the company said, “Through the 3K support program, we are able to promote our technology and raise brand awareness,” adding, “We are grateful to be able to actively promote our services with various support such as Incheon Airport Metaverse Hall.”

Since 2020, Incheon Free Economic Zone, Incheon International Airport Corporation, and Incheon Technopark have been operating the ‘Incheon Airport 3K Startup Promotion Project’ to discover and foster startups in the fields of K-culture, K-food, and K-tourism. The 3K Startup Incubation Project supported a total of 20 startups in 2020, resulting in 16.5 billion won in sales, 44 new jobs, and attracted 5.7 billion won in investments. In 2021, the 3K⁺ startup nurturing project supported 25 startups and added K-Digital and New Deal fields,and was completed in March this year. In the second half of this year, it plans to recruit startups to participate in business for 2022.


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