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Tangled: Revolutionary Talk-to-Earn DApp Launches with NFT Timepoints

South Korean tech company, Wemade, has launched Tangled, a new Talk-to-Earn (T2E) DApp on its DAO and NFT platform, NILE (Life Is Life Evolution). The app provides users with a safe and pleasant live chat experience with global users while earning virtual time points. These points can be saved as an NFT in the form of Tangled Timepieces, which can be exchanged for the utility token TIPO and swapped for various digital assets.

Wemade Launches Tangled: An Innovative Talk-to-Earn DApp

Developed by Frienkly, Tangled uses an AI-based verification process that ensures safe chat experiences by banning users with fake gender and profiles. This feature sets it apart from other chat apps, making it an innovative Talk-to-Earn DApp. Users receive time points for offering live chats to other users that are accepted. These points can be saved in the form of Tangled Timepieces, which are NFTs accessible via NILE.

Tangled Timepieces: The New Revolutionary NFT of Tangled

Tangled Timepieces are graded as Luxury, High-End, and Zenith based on features such as longer live chat time provided at higher grades. They can be fused to make an NFT of a higher grade, with the higher the pieces going up in grade, the more time points they can save. After NEITH Covenant Day, users can even exchange Tangled Timepieces with WEMIX via NEITH Station. Tangled NFTs have already generated significant interest, with 50 Luxury Timepieces selling out in just 17 minutes when the initial sales opened.

NILE Launches Kari: PFP Project Based on Korean-Style Dark Fantasy Universe

NILE also launched a PFP (Profile Picture) project on 3rd April – Kari – an intriguing follow-up project of Ari, a virtual human multiverse world. Kari is a Korean-style dark fantasy universe where the creator and community communicate directly via PAPYRUS, a token/NFT-based messenger, to design the project roadmap together. The contents will be unveiled based on the universe, and more information is available on the official websites of NILE and Kari Project Website.

Overall, Tangled is a revolutionary Talk-to-Earn DApp that focuses on providing safe and pleasant chat experiences. By introducing a virtual point system, the app provides users with an innovative way of earning and exchanging digital assets. NILE’s launch of Kari expands the ecosystem, where creators and communities come together to build unique projects through NFTs and tokens.


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