Top 5 startups that have thrived through the toughest times

You might be wondering about the startups that just got started in critical times but have established their businesses in a really good way. 

However, there are still some startups that started during tough times but still succeeded. Must be confused. Right? Well, if you have the right of the startup in this pandemic situation then you are surely going to succeed and will get the finest outcome.

14 Top 5 startups that have thrived through the toughest times

Let’s tell you about some of the startups that succeeded through the critical times.

Startups that thrived through the tough times

1. Babylon

In the United Kingdom (UK), Person name Ali Parsa established a startup by introducing an app that easily helps you to connect with the doctors online on the video chats to create the flexibility and reliability in discussing the health issues with the finest doctors. 

As you all know visiting the hospitals can be unsafe in this pandemic. It is strictly not allowed to go out from your homes without any valid reason and this application really worked and helped the people ease their health concerns

2. FutureLearn

The pandemic assuredly caused the closure of the schools, colleges and the other educational institutes and that have affected the studies of the students. Nobody knows how long the pandemic is going to go and education is an important factor that surely would have needed the perfect solution and the FutureLearn is a perfect example of the answer.

Futurelearn is an educational application. It has various courses available online that you can easily join to learn some new skills while you are locked at your home due to the pandemic. The application is completely free of cost and has a lot of short courses available such as engineering, psychology, nutrition etc.

3. Echo

During the tough times, even the medicines were a hard thing to get your hands on because of the closure of medical stores and this assuredly affected the people’s health that might be suffering from the other diseases and this problem surely needed a solution to stop the deaths that were causing unnecessarily.

The Eco is an application that helps you in ordering the prescribed medicines and get them delivered to your house in no time. It has succeeded well. Alongside it also reminds you to take your medicines on time by sending a notification.

4. Turing

The turing is an app that helps the talent connect to opportunities in the most convenient way possible. It helps the developers to connect to the companies. It was started to connect the most talented remote developers to the determined companies.

The companies choose their desired skilled developer for their need and assign them the work. The companies and the developers can be easily matched with each other in days.

5. Meditopia

Meditopia is an application that helps people in meditation by providing them with the proper guidance. However, it is one of the most downloaded apps in non-English markets. It is a Berlin-based startup.

The app has professional meditation specialists, writers and even the therapists from all around the world to help people find new hobbies while they are locked in their homes during the tough times. It’s one of the most popular apps in 75 global markets along with ten different languages for your ease and flexibility.


Above is the list of startups which had great time even in the pandemic. You can check the details above about these startups.

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