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Try Everything 2022 – Global startup festival in Seoul

Try Everything is a global startup festival where promising startups, large conglomerates, mid-sized companies, investors, accelerators, and other components of the startup ecosystem come together. The city of Seoul has been opening Try Everything every year since 2020, to invigorate the startup ecosystem. Global startup festival, it will open for 3 days between September 21st and 23rd.

This year, as Seoul has made the global top 10 cities with strong startup ecosystem for the first time. Various players from the startup ecosystem, including global corporations, investment institutions, unicorn companies, and media outlets will participate to further promote the revitalization of the Seoul startup ecosystem. In the ecosystem of 280 cities from 100 countries, Startup Genome, has raised Seoul, from 16th in 2021, to 10th this year, giving the city its highest rank yet.

try everything seoul Opening Ceremony Try Everything 2022 - Global startup festival in Seoul

Try Everything 2022 – To promote the post pandemic growth

The founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, and professor Tyler Cowen of George Mason University, have been confirmed as keynote speakers for Try Everything 2022. They will be presenting global insights for the invigoration of the Seoul startup ecosystem.

In addition, the Seoul Open Innovation Vision Declaration Ceremony will be held, where Seoul will become the platform to create a link around 50 companies. Such as domestic and foreign corporations, and startups including Benz Korea, Continental, SKT, Kyowon, and startup support associations.

Try Everything 2022 will be made up of over 40 programs, including a competition, lectures, and seminars for the expansion of domestic startups. And very various and prestigious participants, such as South Summit, eXtreme Tech Challenge, Startup Genome, and the US Embassy in Korea, will be present as well.

tryeverything poster 1 Try Everything 2022 - Global startup festival in Seoul

Here is a list of some invited speakers from overseas and Korea:

  • Philip Rosedale, the founder of Linden Lab which created Second Life, called the original metaverse
  • Maya Rodgers of the Tetris Company, which owns the world-famous puzzle game, Tetris
  • Maria Benjumea, founder of Spain Startup
  • Jongyoon Kim, the CEO of Yanolja, lodging platform and unicorn company
  • Saejoo Jeong, who is well known in the US as a successful Korean entrepreneur as the CEO of Noom
  • Seok-yong Lee, the executive director of Goldman Sachs
  • Siwon Choi of Super Junior, who is active as a startup investor

In addition to these programs, more than 30 ‘Try Everything Regional Cooperation Programs’ will be open all over Seoul from July to September, where the city of Seoul and startup support institutions will participate.

try everything round table Try Everything 2022 - Global startup festival in Seoul

National Startup Audition, which is held to discover and foster startups with superb technology, and Try Everything Awards, will be held on 9.23(Fri). The final companies selected as the top 10 will be given the Seoul Mayor Award and startup support funds.

Try Everything 2022 plans to discover promising startups with innovative technology through the National Startup Audition, where anyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to companies less than 3 years from founding can participate. And Korea Challenge, which targets startups with superb technology, over 3 years but under 7 years from founding. 

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